Corporate Roach Facility, 1999 — cockrocked – Micro story by Steve Isaak


A late night lobby pick-up took on new dimensions: “Let’s maximize this hentai session,” the initially shy, drop-by scientist had said, her wet splaygig assuring Asa the security guard that this knotworked chocolate-shade knowledge seeker wanted to be demoncocked between secure plastic tubs of clicking crawling insects, trapped within their roofless prisons by Vaseline, glistening like Asa’s double-headed faux phallus, which would make Asa, in her monstrous mask, and her smooth-pussy comemate bust, loud, in the middle of the otherwise click-click-click punctuated night, further payment for fuckjobs well done.

Published by mistyrampart

Freelancer, poet, dreamer

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