Dear Misty – note from Delois Martorano


Dear Misty,

I was wondering how to get published with you. Whether I should come on heavy like a slut or be more demure. How would I approach it? I would corner you on my couch, maybe after I got you a little tipsy. Do you like girls? Somehow I know you do. I’ll drop a line like it’s a shame there are no men around here to fuck us and you’d say um who needs men? I would agree with you and kiss you on your chubby housewife lips – I’m younger and more girlish, though still married. You’re more like a tigress. You kiss me back. You can grab my messy black hair, it’s ok…I like it rough. I’m still pretty young. Terrible housekeeper. Can dress though and like makeup.

I bet you have huge jug boobs. Motherly. I would pull off your track suit top and start caressing them through your white tank top. Your nipples are rock hard. Wow. You oblige me by removing the tank top and bra. Somehow I know you like your nipples sucked not licked. Bitten. Can I slap you in the face? I decide not to. Off come your track suit pants and damp panties. Lets get rid of those I say. I pry your matronly thighs apart and begin to tongue your clit. You like it licked side to side and around but not up and down like some inexperienced boy would do. You spurt with joy. Salty tasting gush. There is no lie in that.

Not enough for you? I’ll wave my magic wand and presto! My husband is here, already hard. I don’t mind sharing him with you. He slaps his member on my pale white ass leaving a red mark which slowly dissipates. He thrusts it right in, that brute. I’m young and tender so it’s OK. His pleasuring of me pleasures you. I am then what they call a cream pie. Is that enough? OK, OK, I will bask and then let him fuck you too. Give you a chest cum shot after he’s done. Or in the face? Would you like that? I would do anything, really, dear Misty. I so badly want to publish with you!


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Freelancer, poet, dreamer

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