Dream X – Poem by John Fineday


John Fineday – Dream X

Once we all had lined up for food,
the balding doctor grabbed hold
of Scully and went to town on her.

The two anorexic waitresses,
they hopped on top of him, too,
caressing and kissing everywhere.

I was last in the food-line,
witness to all madness from where
I thought it inopportune.

Yet I did not hold back, and I
waltzed right up to Scully,
lifted her skirt, and took her

from behind. Oh, it was moaning
and blurriness—the whole cafeteria,
watching in shock, started to

fidget dearly, especially Mulder.
Now, the good doctor looked up and
around, smiled, and shouted:

“We’re having an orgy in America!”
almost questioning his very words.
Then he repeated it, reassurance intact,

enjoying how hard the truth made him.
The cafeteria erupted in a scream of
disagreement, while all the involved

peeled slowly off the doctor.
Noticing he was newly freed
of such a bodily burden, he leapt up

and ran straight between the tables,
down the hall, toward the door.
While every other screaming occupant,

enraged and still waiting to be fed,
tore after him in a hungry orgy,
I stayed back to console Scully’s clit.


John Fineday is from Winnipeg, Canada, and is currently writing his master’s thesis on French poetry at the University of Manitoba. He has been published in Featherlit and the U of M’s Feminist and Queer review.

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