Love’s Passion – Poem by Darrin Phillip Henderson


Darrin Phillip Henderson – Love’s Passion

A sound, around, in my ear,
rushing, gushing,
it is clear,
not silent, or still,
but it does flutter,
a word, I dare not utter.

A heat,
a heartbeat,
with a zest,
thrilling, spilling,
on my chest,
a quiver,
and sizzle with every pass,
babbling, bubbling,
bold as brass.

A taste,
is placed, that I do savor,
bursting, thirsting,
for the flavor,
wet, and salty,
like a snack,
a blush, and rush,
coming back.

A moan, a groan,
like a roar,
jumping, pumping,
the heart does soar,
a hunger, intense,
starts to bloom,
desire, on fire,
fills the room.

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