Bedbugs – Story by Mick Harris


I go home with Bobby after work and suck his dick.   He said he was too tired to fuck me so I just blew him.  He won’t let me finesse him at all so I slip my tongue down the side of his shaft and push his cock into my cheek, where it bulges and strains and just makes me drool more but he’s clean, he trims, he washes regularly but he won’t let me do anything with it.  He just wants a hole.

When he comes I spit it on his bedspread.  His senile mother’s asleep in the next room.  When I get home I find dog hair stuck to my ass.

All the boys at the frat parties

and their scraping fingers

and their cut cocks in my mouth.

I sit in the shower for two hours and a big piece of soap in my mouth, digging my teeth into the bar and holding the little curls with my tongue until they melt.  I never text him back afterward.


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