Say it in French – Poem by Flint


Flint – Say it in French

She’s face down on the bed and
it’s late in the afternoon. Her
knees bent just a little like
she might be about to race across the sheets,
gaping wide open as the window with the
pillow over her head.

She’s sobbing into the mattress,
telling me I’m a bastard, I’m a something I
don’t understand. I can see her red insides, the
sunlight slices across her skin sectioned by
the blinds. I’ve heard her shout this way on the
phone, to her mother, her sister, her girlfriend

same tone though not these particular words. I could
feel terrible now, crawl, beg, stroke a shoulder bone, maybe
let her claw it out on my face. Only I was here
fifteen minutes ago when she whipped that white ass
up into the air like a banner and said with confidence in
that accent she likes to save up for me:

Do it and don’t stop, non,
no matter what I say no
don’t even, if I bleed,
don’t stop. I want you to
make me afraid of men

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