Business and Pleasure: Excerpt from Misty Rampart’s novel “Mrs. John Heat”


Misty Rampart – Business and Pleasure

May 23

Joy is such a tease that you have to take what you can get and enjoy it while you can, and try not to get bent out of shape about it. Consider your experiences gifts because you never know how it will work out. Sometimes the universe just smiles at you despite how fucked up you’re living.


Unfortunately word of my three-way experience spread in the office, I feared even to the boss, so while my pride was a little injured, not knowing who “kissed and told” I calmed myself and decided that “fuck it” was the best position to take. Sure, I had told Megan but I trusted that she wasn’t the one. And Richard doesn’t talk at all so I figured he was innocent as well. I rationalized that those who sneered were just jealous and besides I was the one who was having the most fun. Shame, I read somewhere, is the act of trying to cover up what is. So I had the good fortune of banging three guys, which only led to more incredible experiences. It was amazing. Why hide it? People are so uptight. And what I do on my own time is no one else’s business but mine.

But when the boss called me into the office one afternoon, I knew I was going to have to face the music.

Eddie, as everyone knew him, was a decent man, 55, not unhealthy or particularly bad looking. He was married with two grown kids. He had a picture of his wife on a side table with other trinkets, awards and so forth.

I entered and sat down at a chair in front of his desk. Surprisingly he didn’t mention the office rumors, at least at first. We focused on work – but something didn’t smell right. I had pulled my chair around to behind his desk so we could both look at the paperwork and computer screen.

“By the way,” he said, “I heard a rumor about you…um…your getting caught up in a rather sticky situation with some of your fellow co-workers.”

“O really,” I said, not as a question but more of a statement. Frankly, I didn’t care, although my heart rate was steadily increasing.

“Really,” he said frankly. “And I just wanted to let you know that I don’t care what you do on your own time, although rumors such as this bring their own punishment I think.”

“You’re right,” I admitted. Just then it occurred to me that we were kind of close…too close for propriety. I wasn’t that kind of girl, or at least I thought I wasn’t. Recent events, however, proved that nothing was off limits. But I also wasn’t one of these types that would freak out and cry sexual harassment either. To be honest I was flattered as hell for the attention. Then I had the passing thought that this might be how a cult leader felt when he started to believe his own bullshit.

“Tell you what,” he said. “I want you to come over for dinner tonight and meet the wife. I think you two would hit it off.”

I could tell that no was not an answer I could give, so I agreed.


I arrived and parked out on the street. The house wasn’t huge, just an average-sized ranch. My boss’ wife greeted me at the door.

“Hi, Wanda,” she glowed. “I’m Connie, Edmund’s wife.”

“Hello Mrs. Blair,” I responded. She was roughly his age, 50ish, pretty, blonde and curvy. Voluptuous. Damn I thought, I’m starting to size everyone up like I want to fuck them.

We sat down in the living room, I in the recliner and the two of them on the couch.

“Can I get you a glass of wine?” Connie asked.

“Yes please,” I said.

“Chardonnay OK?” she peeped.

“Yes, that would be lovely Mrs…”

She cut me off. Connie. Call her Connie.

She returned with glasses for all of us and we began the small talk thing. I gazed around at the family pictures, which were everywhere, and thought this is where I want to be when I’m their age…which isn’t too far off. I used to make fun of, even if just to myself, the traditional family. Here I was, 35 and not a hint of that kind of life on the radar.

“My turn to get the next round,” Edmund said, collecting our glasses and going into the kitchen.

“So,” Connie said, “I heard that you are, let’s say, a little adventurous.”

Shit, what the fuck? I thought. I thought we were passed this.

She bailed me out. “It’s OK, Edmund and I, we have our own unconventional appetites.”

“Really?” I asked. That was a question. I wanted to know more.

“Really.” The meek housewife was slowly retreating and a more assertive tone began to grow.

“In fact,” she continued, “we like to bring home partners for the other to explore – and we had hoped that you would join us for a little adventure. Dinner is keeping warm in the oven.”

She walked over to me and extended her hand. I grabbed it without resistance and she led me down the hall to the bedroom. Edmund was waiting, stripped down, his rather manly body standing with the sun coming in through the window backlighting him. His shined like a middle-aged angel.

Connie removed her blouse revealing a really proud set of tits. Damn.

She kissed me gently, and unbuttoned my blouse. Then she embraced me tighter, our breasts pushing together. She kissed better than any man I could recall at the time.

“What about your husband?” I asked.

“He will stay at the foot of the bed until called for,” she said.

Connie lied down on the bed and I followed like I was on a leash, hovering over her, kissing, undressing, plucking, stroking. She likewise stripped me, piece by piece. I could see and hear that her husband was jacking it pretty hard watching us, waiting patiently at the foot of the bed.

“Permission to let him pleasure you?” she asked me.

An affirmative moan was all I needed to utter as he approached me. Licking his right hand, he spanked my ass cheek hard.

I had worked my tongue down to Connie’s mound and began to tongue it playfully, occasionally biting her clit as she commanded. Meanwhile Edmund began to rub my clit from behind with his index and middle fingers. I was as wet as a high school girl. An explorative tongue flittered my asshole. Eventually he began to slide his nice prick between my ass cheeks. There was plenty of heat and sweat and juice to go around.

“Permission to let him enter you,” Connie asked.

“Tell him to FUCK ME HARD!” I shouted.

“You heard the lady,” she said calmly.

Producing and applying a ready condom, a split second later he was thrusting his dick down to the balls as I ate the woman of the house. The guy was pretty fucking amazing for his age.  Confident but not cocky, his pace was slow and rhythmic.

It was unusual, almost like he wouldn’t let me come right away – and had the power to control it – so he teased me until he deemed that I should have an orgasm. This  went  on  for  a  good  30  minutes – I really had no idea how long it was, it could have been days. Such torture but so good at the same time. Connie had numerous orgasms as I  tried  to  focus  on the Queen’s jewel, which was damn near impossible considering I felt like I was out of my body. Finally I screamed and my pussy pulsed as I bore down on him and came, a milky white mess smearing his latexed cock as I pulled away. His wife lay there ready.

“Permission to enter you, wife,” he asked her.

“Permission granted,” she said. He slid off the condom. She had a nice tight hole and he more than filled her,

pounding and thrusting to his manly balls, pleasuring his wife over and over while I sucked on each of her nipples. A different kind of fucking for the queen of the house I mused with amazement. The couple had the perfect tension, perfect connection, like they were born to be with each other. His cock glistened in the sunlight as it slid in and out of his lady’s pussy until, with an animalistic grunt, he exploded inside her. Out of breath he collapsed, and when he finally pulled out Connie ordered me to clean us both off – with my tongue.

I spit-polished my boss’ dick to perfection, taking slow

careful  gulps  of  him  down  to  his  balls.  Then he lied

beside his wife as I lapped what come I could out of her oozing cream pie.

“There won’t be any more mention of your adventure at the workplace, will there?” Connie entreated.

“No, ma’am,” her husband said. And there wasn’t. Mr. Blair saw to it.


Dinner was of course a little overdone but we sat and talked and laughed. It was like they welcomed me into their family. Strange, in a way, considering the experience we just had, but it made me feel welcomed, even loved.

I still wanted to find out who initially spread the “rumor” but I had to admit that I wouldn’t have shared this experience with the Blair’s if they hadn’t. This was what I was looking for, not just to participate in it but to have the kind of relationship they clearly had. I was grateful that my eyes were so opened, but I would find out that it’s not so easy to achieve it.


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