Noir pan: road house – Poem by Steve Isaak

Steve Isaak – Noir pan: road house
(a buss on the cheek for Ida Lupino, 1918 – 1995)
She leans back in her chair,
Ida Lupino pose:
legs crossed,
feet resting on desk –
pen cap brushes her lower lip
while she reads
my manuscript.Curving downslope
of her top ‘uns
is milk-pale against
her slutty tube top.

Her short skirt shows her legs,
spectacular effect –
I want to run my hands
over her petite feet
and her calvess,
sexier by lamplight.

She looks up,
orphic sensual appraisal
in her stare.
‘This is about me?’
she asks,
cool, certain of the answer.

I blush; she half-smiles,
sprite-like and off-beat sexy,
resumes reading.
She finishes,
puts pen and manuscript
in its drawer,
says ‘get over here.’

Steve Isaak, sometimes published under the nom de plume Nikki Isaak, is the author of several poetry anthologies.   He is also the editor of also Behind the wheel: selected poems and Shinjuku sex cheese holocaust: poems

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