Air Conditioning – Story by Joseph James Cawein


A disorder of the mind I said
Fuck you she said
You’re more than welcome I said
With a nine and a half foot pole she said
I tore off her skirt and fucked her in the ass
Some cunt you are she said
Not even big enough to hurt me she said
If your dirty ass weren’t so goddamn loose I said
Take this she said
OK I said
Smells like tea I said
Nice and deep she said
Fuck I said

Unnatural laughter echoed through the universe mocking and slicing and faces alight with revulsion snarling empty anecdotes my grandmother with blood pouring out her nostrils and my mother’s disembodied head I was a house strapped to the back of an elephant man metamorphosing the turning pages of a book sliced and sliced but no pain and something like the ocean swimming with drowned fishes until her face swam before me and I knew who and where I was but shivered in her warmth and felt my rebirth to coherence muddied by something I could not quite place and felt lost in the chaos of the void and the things for which there were no words.

Mother fucker I said
You’re trembling she said
I don’t think I’d like to do that again I said
Want me to suck your cock she said
Is that a real place I said
Calms the nerves she said
Maybe later I said
Confused by the terrible void between her flapping cheeks

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