Worlds shown, worlds to come – Poem by Steve Isaak


Worlds shown, worlds to come – by Steve Isaak

I: Charger

She lays beneath me,
my pierced tongue trace tickling
her belly –
my shoulders, broad as death’s wings,
shadow her, and she’s lost
to threading rain and Ian McKaye’s
straight edge rants,
split and spiked, sotto voce,
on my untested leather.

II: Worlds to show (terra incognito)

Her spoken words & orphic heights
sweetly jar,
her unfathomed territories the nexus
of my desires;
boundaries stripped, I find myself
beneath avocado moons & monsoon kisses,
buxom earth & slipped valleys –
lesser measures of her worth,
her arousing eyes a mere beginning.

III: Our world, pink & black

Breasts contoured
by her punk pink sweater,
her sensuous intense
librarian’s stare
bells this punk-&-blues cat,
her shameless insurrectionist mouth
clasped to mine,
her eager limbs pulling me close,
deeper between the stacks.

IV:  Near domos  Aidao

Book-scribbling woman,
quietly dangerous & beautifully flawed,
sits with me at crossroads,
near congenial devils
flashing ironic crosses.

Nearby, blues singers keen
corporate rape blues,
Fugazi flourish
in their threnodic, harmonic,
steel-strung protests.

They sing about being lost,
each of these seven intersecting roads
a possibility of damnation or salvation,
probably a bit of both.

She & I  know our way,
damnation a temptation
in our long-ago juvenility:
or, as she says,
“we know our limits now”:
my leather is tested and creased;
her insurrectionist mouth
is kinder, wiser.

She stops hot-penning her book,
a familiar, orphic flash in her eye –
a  flash that has carried me above
gentle green crescents,
her precipatory kisses whetting. . .
so many beginnings & endings with her,
my curvy pink-and-black queen,
still sexy, still crossover.

Bio: Steve Isaak, sometimes published as Nikki Isaak and Chuck Lovepoe, is the author of several poetry anthologies.   He is the editor of Reading & Writing By Pub Light,

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