Interview yourself for Pink Litter


We’d like to get your thoughts about erotic literature today. 

I realize that some of you write just for fun and others write for a living, but I wanted to get some feedback for Pinklitter. Anyone who’d like to give me their two cents, it would be appreciated – we can, with your permission, use your comments. We can also publish your poems and stories.

As you know I am myself a writer in addition to being the editor of an adult-themed publication called Pink Litter and we dabble in erotica – perhaps the raunchier kind but with some softer edges all while threatening to be literary at the same time. 

The “erotica” genre is certainly beginning to bud and become more mainstream and is cause for interesting discourse. To that aim I have gone ahead and composed a few questions:

  1. First the obvious: what turns you on, personally and professionally?
  2. From poets to erotic bloggers, online communities such as FetLife where kinksters share their experiences, to those who write pure imaginative fiction, writers and artists are making their “personal” business public in one form or another. How do you about feel that, are sex experiences all public or all private or somewhere in between? Can they be both? Is sex meant to be a shared experience (beyond of course the literal meaning)?
  3. In that sense, in the private world, pornography has a wide audience (and outsells regular movies) but most won’t admit to watching. Similarly “erotica” is greatly marginalized both as a creative art form. Do you see it ever changing from this mold, becoming accepted or even “normal”?
  4. With the publication of the hugely popular 50 Shades of Grey series, writers of erotica became a little more than a blip on the radar of mainstream media and from my own experience there are hundreds upon hundreds of erotic novelists, some professional, some amateur that write, publish and sell their work all in a communal “I’ll buy your book if you buy mine” little subculture. Where to you see your place in erotica as a whole? Are there clearly defined segments or is it just a jumble of different acts and actors?

Of course anything else you would like to add, plug, link, pictures, etc. would be welcome. Email me at



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