A Literary Glory hole

OK I just got a Kindle finally and this is the first book I downloaded, so expect more frequent reviews now that I have immediate access to great media such as this. Anyway, my review as posted on Smashwords:

I love a book that tromps through your prettily-tended garden and doesn’t apologize, a book that says both fuck you and I love you in the same breath and means the same thing. Misti Rainwater-Lite’s Cum Repository is certainly one of those books. In these albeit digital pages you still feel a connection between the author and her experiences, as if you could almost touch her skin and smell her perfume. She is a true woman and a true poet, making her way by following the path of most resistance.

A self-admittedly come hither collection, this collection does grab you by the hair and has its way with you. It dares you, the reader, to “Love a woman whose sense of irony is huger than her tits” and gives you a way to do that.  

It’s a literary glory hole. Pick up your “copy” today.


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2 thoughts on “A Literary Glory hole

  1. Hi … I just finished reading Misti Rainwater-Lites book *Bullshit Rodeo* … a torrent if thoughts and words … I read it “on paper”, which is (for me) the only way to read anything (but I know others will not feel this way and that’s okay) … cheers, DaP

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  2. Misti’s writing is amazing. I’ve read 5 of her books now including both Cum Repository and Bullshit Rodeo. They are both amazing. She is so raw! She bludgeons my brain and makes me hard at once. I love it.

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