Draped while naked… – Poem by D.A. Pratt

file681276972068 (800x533)D.A. Pratt – Draped while naked…

In a suddenly playful moment, she draped her bra
over my utterly unsuspecting erection … laughing,
she framed the scene with her fingers … and
I immediately knew what this was going to mean …
she was definitely amused … she looked up and said,
“How long do you think it could stay there?”
and this, of course, changed everything …

At least her bra was beautifully black:
this was still the everlasting erotic era
of the black bra and the designed display
of virtually every aspect of what it offers …
Her bra, with its lacy patterned cups
and the relatively narrow band between them,
not long ago caring for and caressing her breasts
but now draped so daringly, was poised to be
forever dangling on that part of me so soon struggling
to continue being part of the magical moment
she was finding so delightfully distracting …

Poised to be forever dangling?  Of course,
she was soon quickly sharing some quickly created images
of the way her look-at-me bra was draped over
my once eager erection – with my permission,
I’ll quickly add, so that you won’t think badly of her —
and being part of the moment she’d carnally created
by hanging her black bra on me indeed led
to my wanton willingness to spontaneously
let all her so-called “friends” see me
draped while naked –
the era of the brazen black bra is not
the only one we’re currently enjoying
and it seems that one particular part of me
was more than willing to be “out there” …


Bio: D.A. (David) Pratt clandestinely writes erotica within the unsuspecting community called Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.


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