Too Much [poem by Brenton Booth]

She was blonde
& her eyes were blue
& her ass was high
& her tits were high
& her pussy was beautiful
& she made it as a stripper
& I gave it to her once
& again shortly after
& then we slept a while
& when we woke I offered
her breakfast
she noticed my track pants
had a hole in them & when
I sat one of my balls slightly
crept out
she then pulled off my pants
and took me in her mouth.
she was a different girl.
she talked about bad parents
& a bad marriage & the mafia
& depression. she really liked
me, said she’d never met
anyone quite like me, I was
SO different. I walked her back
to her hotel. she said she really
wanted to see me again. she
asked for my number. I told
her to give me hers. she acted
like she wasn’t disappointed.
we kissed and said goodbye.
I wish it could have been
different. though it is hard
enough to cope with my own
insanity. I just couldn’t deal
with hers as well.


Benton Booth lives in Sydney, Australia. Poetry and fiction of his has appeared in many small press publications. For a complete published archive visit

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