What Turns You On? [Interview by Robert Allen Beckvall]

What Turns You On? S1 E1
The Many Voices of Robert Allen Beckvall – A Pink Litter Exposé
Written by Robert Allen Beckvall
with Misty Rampart

Becky Orville:
Welcome to What Turns You On? I’m your host, Becky Orville. What Turns You On is a weekly Television News Magazine program that explores the world of the erotic, both in “real life” and in the media and how these seemingly separate worlds blend. Tonight we speak with an unlikely group of characters and see how their lives interweave in a most intriguing way. We’ll interview the characters separately asking them a series of the same stock questions, then feature a live interview with an expert panel, conducted by a colleague of the show, Hug Honor, all to help answer the almighty question: What Turns You On?!

Shows video package of Dr. Jack Veenum with male voiceover:

Dr. Jack “Diamondback” Veenum is a University of Arizona Herpetologist and Businessman for the writers in his Snake Den Writer’s Workshop, which got its start after Dr. Veenum had one too many beers and tequila shots one night and ended up promising the grandfathers of Louis Marvin that he would look after him after they had passed. They did pass by way of getting “dusted” in the mines + Camel no- filter cigarettes.

Becky Orville:
First the obvious, Dr. Wang. What “turns you on,” both personally and professionally?

Dr. Veenum: I am turned on both personally and professionally by Dr. Wang. I am now working with her, and we are lovers. We’re a couple of High-class, High-powered people who love to love.

Shows several snapshots a very professional-looking woman, presumably of Dr. Wang with male voiceover:

Dr. Wang-MD/PhD is Head of the Yi-Er-San (1-2-3) Project, a UN Ambassador and Owner of Sludge-Bot, based in San Diego, California.

But do you really have to ask? Snakes turn me on. Reptiles in general turn me on. But, and don’t think that the lack of professionalism by me doing this is lost on me, like Johnny Cash proposing to June Carter right on the stage, I do so love Dr. Eir Wang. She is the dragon to my snake. Have you ever seen a woman that is half-Chinese and half-Swedish? The answer is, it is not Playboy. It is the erotic and exotic of Penthouse. She challenges me intellectually too. My desert life in Tucson fits well with her lives in Hawaii and San Diego. You could say her Pacific Ocean quenches my Saguaro’s thirst.

Becky Orville: Do you feel that our sex experiences are all public or all private or somewhere in between? Can they be both? Is sex meant to be a shared experience (beyond of course the literal necessity of two or more people “getting into bed” so to speak)?

Dr. Veenum: Sometimes the kiss is one in private, sometimes the kiss is done in public. How do I feel about that? The snake strikes when the snake strikes. But, as in our case, discretion is a better trail to take.

Youngsters might want to talk about the stains on the sheets, and of the latest “hook up” as the kids at our university say, but Dr. Wang and I have too much riding on multi-million and billion dollar projects to start acting like cyber teens. As with the good/best horror movies like “The Haunting”, it is what is hinted at. This torture-porn and the like is just gory and gross. What hints? Nude, spread eagle or Lingerie? The tease please. As for us, private life respected, NSA and cyber master hackers aside. But, we won’t put out to the public what is bedroom news only. If you are going to the orgy, then sex is meant to be shared. You-tubed? I don’t think old folks doing it is palatable.

Becky Orville: In private world, pornography has a wide audience (and outsells regular movies) but most won’t admit to watching. Similarly “erotica” is greatly marginalized both as a creative art form. Do you see it ever changing from this mold, becoming accepted or even “normal?”

Dr. Veenum: Well hell yes. If we could track it right this minute, the majority are petting the cobra or poking around the snake hole as we speak. The church has us pretending. Guilt was invented by long-robed men, probably doing something with choir boys in back rooms. It has always been this two-faced thing.

From what I understand, romance is a whole section on Netflix. Thrillers are thrilling, except when they are suddenly brought down by a man and woman suddenly falling into each other’s arms while the sniper shoots or the bad guys are terrorizing. My grandmother was the cookie-baking, flower-tending, church-going matriarch of our family. Just a little old lady (Swedish farm girl that could also kick your ass). Guess what she read, in addition to her Bible? Those trashy romance novels. Bottom line, 1/2 the population want to read or see sexy, romantic stuff. Marginalized? That shit sells more than anything, and women read more than men in general I believe. Beautiful bodies are what make the world and the hormones go around. I’ll let brighter minds than mine grapple with the pornography thing. But, romance and women are never to be marginalized again. Glass ceilings in all things are soon to be broken.

Becky Orville: With the publication of the hugely popular 50 Shades of Grey series, writers of erotica became a little more than a blip on the radar of mainstream media and from my own experience there are hundreds upon hundreds of erotic novelists, some professional, some amateur that write, publish and sell their work all in a communal “I’ll buy your book if you buy mine” little subculture. Where to you see your place in erotica as a whole? Are there clearly defined segments or is it just a jumble of different acts and actors?

Dr. Veenum: My place is to help Roo Bardookie and her horror/sex stuff, and Louis Marvin with his Poet/Gigolo/Tour Guide business. I promised his grandpas. My place is to love and make love with Dr. Wang.

Shows several photos of Roo Bardookie’s books with male voiceover:

Roo Bardookie is a horror writer and a woman that follows professionals around in big cities when they have conventions. She is a Spanish Gypsy, who loves Sangria and Tapas and now lives a secluded, quiet life in the wilds of Alaska. She is haunted by Alice White’s husband’s ghost and wants to use one of Louis Marvin’s balls in a pool game and rack ‘em.

Shows picture of Louis Marvin and family with male voiceover:

Louis Marvin is a self-described poet/gigolo/tour guide. He lives in the weird of Waikiki and uses the island as his muse. Although married to his Chinese dream girl, and having the Chinese Viking for a daughter, he lives a secret life and romances (with cheap wine and tough steaks), women who want the whole package when they come to this island paradise. He still thinks back fondly on his Gypsy soul kiss woman, Roo Bardookie.

Dr. Veenum: I suppose my place in this genre is more as the businessman, publisher, big brother, mentor of Louis and Roo and some of the others. I mean hell, Louis goes around saying he is a poet/gigolo/tour guide. He practices what he preaches or maybe the other way around. Roo on the other hand will just get in your face and if whips are needed, or blood, or the lapping up of private parts, then she is there. From what I understand, she makes money from s-e-x. Just a rumor though, right? The reason I even have her with us as one of the writers is because of their disaster romance from yesteryear with Louis. I have heard some pretty gruesome things about her and having to endure some bad medicine when it came to sex, and growing up Gypsy in Spain and Europe. That is her private life though. So, my place is the conduit (a channel for conveying fluid), for there weird sex stuff. They write what they write. Now, if you want a snake sex expert…

  Shows the outside of Peabody Winston and Sons’ Country Store and Bait Shop with male voiceover:

Peabody Winston is the proprietor of Peabody Winston and Sons’ Country Store and Bait Shop
in Prescott, Arizona. The store is renowned for Dandy Wharton Syrups – Taste is Everything and “Sweet” Cupcakes by Chef Johnny Sweet – Where Sweet Means Sweet. Peabody Winton’s is home of the 10th Annual Pie Bake and Polka/Square Dance – Moonshine Optional coming up this September.

Becky Orville: Mr. Winston, what turns you on, personally and professionally?

Peabody Winston: My wife has passed. I will tell you that it was she who held my heart and she who held the sheets to our bed open for me to slide in. We worked hard at the store, and we made love hard too. It is hot in Arizona.

Becky Orville:
How do you feel about sex experiences, are they all public or all private or somewhere in between? Can they be both? Is sex meant to be a shared experience (beyond of course the literal meaning)?

Peabody Winston: Young lady, in my day it was closed-door and secret whispers into the night. You had to have imagination. But, as in every generation, we were admiring a fine rear-end as much then as today. They just had more clothes on then.

Becky Orville: Well the, in the “private world,” pornography has a wide audience (and outsells regular movies) but most won’t admit to watching. Similarly “erotica” is greatly marginalized both as a creative art form. Do you see it ever changing from this mold, becoming accepted or even “normal”?

Peabody Winston: I hope that open sex this, and open sex that is never “the thing.” But, the young will be young.

Becky Orville: Where to you see your place in erotica?

Peabody Winston: My place in erotica is nowhere. We discuss things like that on the back porch, where we decide what to do with rapers and pedophiles. You know the sheriff tips a beer with us there too. I got a red neck and a red, white and blue flag.

Shows Roo Bardookie sitting in her living room

Becky Orville:
Ms. Bardookie, what turns you on, personally and professionally?

Roo Bardookie: It turns me on to do evil things to Louis Marvin. He raped my heart and soul. Gypsies raped me and sis by firelight, they nailed me in the alley at jazz bars, and I have been roughed up plying my trade. But, fuckin’ LM raped my emotions until they spilled putrid black.

After having the years where my sister and I were almost sold away to some far away Gypsy camps the time our mother left us with relatives, various rape situations in back alleys and in basements, and plying the oldest trade in the world now as a living, the only thing that really turns me on, is not being turned on. Even with all the mishaps and mistreatment by men from the time I was young, I did on that fateful occasion fall in love with Louis Marvin in the Arizona State University Veteran’s Department (now named after Pat Tillman). He made me forget. That long, lost love to this day turns me on. There is one more thing that turns me on professionally, and that is when I fuck them the second time. Like I told Alice, established dentists and doctors don’t want surprises in their lives and they will pay again to keep it quiet.

Becky Orville: Do you think that our sex experiences are all in some way public or private or somewhere in between? Can they be both? Is sex meant to be a shared experience (beyond of course the literal meaning)?

Roo Bardookie: I have to do my escorting with doctors and dentists in the privacy of their hotel rooms. Discretion is my biggest and best marketing tool. But, these repressed and so called mild mannered men, are FREAKS!

The sex experiences I am having as a “professional” are to be all private, and I am paid well to keep them that way. But, I have a “tell all” book inside me for the future with enough strange and wonderful tales of tail, to get paid a third time to re-wet myself with the good ones. I could go on-line and go for it I suppose, but someone would catch on and the jig would be up.So privacy is of the utmost importance. Hey, I am getting up there and it is hell to maintain my body. If these youngsters want to let the world look at their bodies, be my guest. If people want to write about it, be my guest. I have too much sex in my real life.

Becky Orville: Do you ever think that “erotica” for lack of a better word will ever become “mainstream?”

Roo Bardookie: Let me be one of the first to help change it, as in keep doing what you are doing. I for one watch and dabble with myself until I spray the screen. Don’t spill coffee on the computer? How about don’t cum on the keys?

I use it [erotica] in my writing when it is time in the story or poem for it. I don’t write about sex per se. I write about life, which has sex in it. Mine has had too much sex in it. Some woman or man might be saying, “You can never have too much sex,” but I am living proof that you can. My bones are worn out, my knees, my vagina, my ass, my jaw, and most of all my mind. I’m like the lady Madeline Kahn played in Mel Brooks’ Blazing Saddles, “TIRED”. It is mainstream. A mainstream of jizz and lube, that grows bigger all the time. Where will it end? It won’t. It will just get weirder in space and under the oceans deep.

Becky Orville: You may have already answered this question in large part, but where do you see your place in erotica as a whole?

Roo Bardookie: My place is live wire older woman that has kept my body in good enough shape to use what I know now. I am the dream come true at the conventions. What I write is what comes to my mind and loins. It’s a jumble at an orgy.

I see my place as that Gypsy bitch that will light a fire to smoke your sausage. I see my place as wanting to fantasize about using scalpels on Louis Marvin, so his seed will cease in this world, as it is better off if his line dies out. I see my place as being Gypsy and all the erotica that it entails, along with having Spanish blood. There are guys getting hard, just thinking about that now. Are there clearly defined segments? Just Google in “Asian lesbian ass eating”, or “Latina machine squirting”, and you will get clearly defined erotica. Am I drawing a fine line between erotica and pornography? Like the song says, “One thing leads to another”.

Shows Louis Marvin in his beautiful island setting

Louis Marvin:
What turns me on is my Chinese wife in a sexual way. And, my daughter in a completely parental way. She is blossoming and developing, and that makes my soul smile. As to my secret life as the poet gigolo, how about a woman under the age of 50? But, having said that, Asian women age well. I see some sexy 60 year olds. I think it has to do with the diet. Oh Lord, I do love a good ass. Ass worship is it? I guess that is personally, and professionally it would have to be writing the poems and romancing the women UNDER THE AGE OF 50!!!! (I hope my usual clientele doesn’t see this, as most collect social security and have the large KY tubes).

I am, after all these years still in love with my Gypsy Fire Eyes, red skirt swirling girl Roo Bardookie. I am turned off by my trade of having to drink cheap wine and service all millionaire women who want a good time in Waikiki.

As far as the public or private question, nothing in this life is ever all this or all that. I write about sex experiences worth writing about. The boring ones can just fade like their gray hair and sagging asses. Or, my thinning hairline and un-sculpted abs. Look, I get some free meals and some booze. The occasional hot ass and amazing partner comes along too, so my writing is mostly as by-product of my secret stock in trade of romancing, then getting to the heart of the matter, which happens to be filling that little oven with some tasty yeast-expanding bread. All gooey and buttery. It gives you a feeling of warm all over. If I do my job, I feel that the least I can do is write about it, not naming the innocent.

Whatever these twisted bitches want. If they want to get nailed in a waterfall, then just watch for kids and police and drop your panties. We go to the mountains and jungles and I drop a load on them there too. I share my stories about these women from time to time to save my (in)sanity. Sharing keeps me sane.

Accepted and normal pornography/exotica? We do it all the time. I will admit my work is not mainstream, but soft porn, hard porn and erotic writing which I often cook up myself to have us pretend to romance my way up skirts or down pants, is what this gigolo poet does. Hawaii is an aphrodisiac, so just the palms, wind, mai-tais and Hawaiian music make many wet and/or stiff. Add some erotic poetry, and…bip, bam, boom.

With the NRA and the sheerness of your time spent on the computer these days, why pretend we have privacy? They are probably looking at your beautiful body as you read this through your camera.

My place in erotica is doing what I do to make a little cabbage on the side, and make an old lady moan a bit. From time to time a really great bottle of wine is opened, or a really great beauty is eaten, and that makes this time in this tropical paradise bearable when I am not wearing the family man mask. My place in erotica, is just playing my role as gigolo. For me the island, restaurant and hotel room is the stage, and I am merely a player, who uses his wiener as sword in Shakespeare’s hit, “The Vain Bastard of Manoa”. Or should we change that to vein?

It is a jumble. When it is sex time, it is time. When horror time, tear it up. When love, lust, morality or deranged terror are called for, then it is that time. Trying to create boxes and masks for all we do really makes for too much in our wardrobes. Let’s just go island style and strip down to the bare essentials.

Shows a couple being interviewed in front of large vats visible through a glass partition

Male voiceover: Dandy and Bahi Wharton are the owners of Dandy Wharton’s Syrup Company. He is everything syrup, which includes much of Arizona’s wild plants being turned into these magic pancake paints. Bahi is a Tohono O’odham tribe member. They have a son named Jimmy.

Dandy: Flavors of all kinds turn me on. Things that I can make syrups from turn me on. Pouring a new flavor of syrup on my wife and eating her up like a short stack turns me on.

Bahi: Dandy turns me on. The old traditions turn me on. My ancestors turn me on. Making love in the desert turns me on. Johnny Sweet’s cupcakes turn me on.

Dandy: I love what I do with my wife. Private life and secrets shared between two people is what makes a relationship special. For me personally, I want to keep it between us.

Bahi: What we do in our bedroom or under the stars or on our ancient tribal lands is between us and the spirits. Our ancestors see us, naturally. No pornography, no dirtiness, just natural beings, doing natural things. If that could be blogged about in ways where sex is talked about naturally and not perversely, then I suppose it can be written about.

Dandy: We look at movies together, or maybe practice other things with each other. Because we do it out of love and sharing, it is not “wrong” or something that has to be tucked away in an old shoe box in the back of your dad’s closet. To me, it is usually something that is just for private conversation or very close friends on too much wine or after a spliff.

Bahi: With the youth of today, pornography has to be dealt with. It is there once you get phones or computers. Teaching them what is special and intimate between men and women is the right thing to do. Sex is natural and a great part of life.

Dandy: We say in jest, “pour some of our syrups on your favorite pancake or someone you love.” We are a family-oriented organization, but to have families you have to make love. If our syrups can help in that, then so be it.

Bahi: We sell syrup. We pour it on flapjacks, waffles, toes, breasts and other places. That is the extent of our exotic writing. Just flavoring something that is flavorful.

Shows the outside of Sweet’s Bakery

Chef Johnny Sweet is a baker and the proprietor of Sweet’s Bakery (where Sweet means Sweet). He has the contract for the Yi-Er-San 1-2-3 Project that Dr. Wang is heading up, with bases on the Moon, Mars and the ocean. He is based out of NYC, with his main bakery in Brooklyn. He has fallen in love with the mystery woman who he bakes his cupcakes for. He dreams that it is he who licks off the icing from her cupcakes.

Chef Johnny Sweet: The woman in the black trench coat that frequents my store turns me on both personally and professionally. I am having erotic fantasies when I bake creations for her. Sadly, other men get to eat and lick her and them. I can only dream. She fell ill once, and had to lay down on my couch in the office. I still smell her perfume. Beyond this, the idea that my creations won the contract for the Dr. Wang project, and the resulting friendship that has started as a result is a turn on. Also, I want to say hey to the Whartons in Arizona at Dandy Wharton’s Syrups. They help to turn on many cupcakes and customers when I use their syrups.

This on-going thing we have with food and eroticism here with my fantasy woman in black, and from what I understand Bahi Wharton gets pretty “excited” when the cupcakes arrive there. But, as far as writing about it, or showing “private parts” as cupcake creations, I was not that big a fan of that kind of stuff. I think women like to read about it, and men like to look at it in general. I always thought more women would be reading Penthouse Forum than men. For me, pics every time vs. erotic words will do. For some reason the cupcakes are an orgasmic experience for some. So I am sharing the experience when they bite and swoon.

It is normal for us here in NYC. My fantasy gal walks right in here in nothing but her trench coat. I am making the cupcakes to woo her. We are living it. I mean in my mind when I create the flavor, I think about where I would be putting it, and how it would be mixed with her juices. I know you think I am over exaggerating here, but I am not wanting cupcake flavors that don’t mix with women’s most intimate areas. Let’s call it cupcakeography, as we mix food and sex.

My place is having something that is a delight on par with sex for adults. Having a foodstuff that is loved by women, men and kids alike. I didn’t set out to have fantasies, but my fantasy woman walked into my life. Dr. Wang and Wharton Syrup walked into my life. My place is to make the most melt in your mouth, melt in your ass, melt in your box treats the world has ever known. It is a jumble of flavors, a chaos of spices, a mix of juices.

Shows the Sludgebot factory in San Diego, Dr. Wang has a couple of guests including our interviewer.

Becky Orville:
Awhile back the sexual tension was high as Dr. Wang, by way of Dr. Jack “Diamondback” Veenum invited Hug Honor, Peabody Winston, Roo Bardookie and Louis Marvin to her Roundtop/Tantalus home in Manoa. There in the mountains of Oahu, Hawaii they had a dinner party and kept Roo from killing Louis. Dr. Jack was smitten with Dr. Wang. It was quite an evening.

Tonight, in a live simulcast, coming from both the back porch of Peabody Winston’s Country Store and Bait Shop, in Prescott, AZ and Dr. Wang’s Sludge-Bot Factory in San Diego, Hug Honor of Modern Philosophies and Histories Magazine will interview six individuals who will help answer the almighty question: what turns you on?

In San Diego we have of course Dr. Wang-MD/PhD, Head of the Yi-Er-San (1-2-3) Project/UN Ambassador/Sludge-Bot Owner, CCBB-Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, a gay gentleman who writes about issues that affect the gay/lesbian community that he knows well, and the Escort – an Anonymous writer/speaker who talks about the conscience of Earth/Heaven.

In Prescott we have of course Peabody Winston-store owner, joined by JB Flip-Frog, a Radio personality from Good Time Country Radio – More Fiddle, Less Lip.

Hug Honor: Hug Honor, here, a reporter/writer/editor for Modern Philosophies and Histories Magazine conducting this interview for What Turns You On?

What turns us on personally and professionally?

Dr. Wang: I am turned on professionally by the idea that the new worlds on Mars, the Moon and the ocean will be helping to further mankind’s agenda. Personally I am turned on by making love to my beau both under great pressure and weightlessly.

Peabody Winston: I am an old man, but still turned on by my memories of my departed wife and how the simplicity of her was sexy enough for me. Professionally, I think my sons taking over the store does that.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: I am turned on by gay men that act professionally in the new world. Being so overt about your sexuality is strange to me, like a woman in heat going overboard. Subtlety works for me. Professionally, being able to discuss gay issues in open forums without the fear of reprisal is a great turn-on.

JB Flip-Frog: I do so enjoy a wild and openly-sexual lady. A woman that has been around the block, and is comfortable with her sexuality. Let’s hit a bottle and make love all over the house, and maybe the backyard too. Professionally I like to make hints over the country radio station, but nothing too offensive here in pine country.

The Escort: I am personally turned off by so much overt sexuality. Mother Nature in her infinite wisdom will erect a monument, a sturdy tree will be seeded and planted in the rich and fertile soil of the woman, and you don’t need Viagra and other false things. If your tree has been chopped, it is Mother Nature’s way of saying, thanks and next.

Hug Honor: I like a beauty that is off center in her looks, both beautiful and different. Cute, smart, athletic body, and can get into nature and technology in equal parts. Not too much one way or the other. Professionally I like to present the facts and think about what helps or hinders us as people now.

Next question: should sexual experiences be private, public or a combination of both? Is sex meant to be a shared experience (with the public)?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: I once wrote something and made fun by calling it shitty shitty bang bang. I referred to the audacity someone had to go into a sexual encounter without cleaning themselves up first. Was it private? It was, but I felt it was important enough to share this as a general NO-NO for anyone actively engaging in sex. Just doing my civic duty.

Peabody Winston: In our day, it was only private. Sure, there was the occasional cat-call or whistle, or a drunken beer buddy conversation. But bedroom encounters were not polite public conversation. My wife would have killed me.

Dr. Wang: As a doctor I will be talking about sex in these new frontiers we will be colonizing and exploring. As a professional, my lover and I are not at liberty to get into our private lives in public. So I will look at it from a purely scientific level, with occasional conversations with the president on our private line.

The Escort: Men and women will experiment on their own. What is there to write about? Why are pictures needed to explain it? God and nature have given us the will to survive, and that is why women look the way they do. Men are endowed with strength, women with cunning. They mate, and pass these traits to the offspring. End of story. The strong survive, the weak die off.

JB Flip-Frog: It is fun to spice up the radio shows with just enough to tease. I share the occasional night before with listeners on the radio. But, Prescott is still a small town. You got to be discreet.

Hug Honor: Sexual writing to inform the public is generally what the magazine does. Bringing philosophy into the mix can definitely spice up the sexual cooking. Erotica is not recognized as a major art form. It is marginalized. Do you ever see it as being accepted by the general public?

Peabody Winston: My wife used to read those trashy novels. But, she said for me to never change a thing. Her real life was enough for her and far away romance was for the books. We carry those in the store, and women buy the hell out of those books. There must be something to them.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: I personally would like to see more gay erotica. Not more gay pornography, as there is plenty of that. But, writing and movies that is man to man, or woman to woman, and what is sexy and a turn on for the gay community.

The Escort: The world is turning. The gays are out and about, mixed marriages, drugs for recreation use, etc. I just want to maintain my place in the world, the natural world. I am not going to say what is and isn’t natural. But, I will personally maintain my space in it. Erotica stems from nature’s calling.

Dr. Wang: A girl has to have some romance in her life, which I think just makes us feel wanted and worth the effort. It doesn’t have to be flowers and yachts and all James Bond. But, guys please make us feel wanted. Sometimes we don’t get what is needed, and we turn to erotic writing to fill this void, or maybe get in the mood with a great man. Maybe we are just lonely, and need a good read to be with other loving beings. It has been out there in the margins, since the first caveman brought home a flower for the lady that keeps the fire burning.

JB Flip-Frog: I used to actually read the articles in Playboy.

Hug Honor: Sex is part of life, and will be too on the other planets and deep in the ocean. Colonize, sexualize and humanize these strange new worlds. Women will want their little decadent fantasies. They will read about space men and aqua men finding the far-away flower for them.

Where do you see your place in erotica? Is it clearly defined, or is it a mish-mash with no clearly defined roles?

Peabody Winston: I’ll continue to sell them romance novels as long as we have women in Arizona.

The Escort: What forwards the agenda of nature and Heaven is enough. Terms like “erotica” are man/woman made terms for what is natural. I’ll write about that, without making it something less than it is.

JB Flip-Flog: My place is to play the country and folk songs for the people. There seems to be an awful lot of he and she words about romance and falling in and out of love in these songs. I will make the “tongue in cheek” remarks that are appropriate for our radio audience, and tell the raunchy stuff out here on Peabody’s back porch if not in mixed company.

Dr. Wang: The new frontiers are there to be studied scientifically and of course to be romanticized about. A good round of loving done on the ocean floor or up in a spaceship is something that most can only dream and read about. I’ll do my part, but not in overtly sexual ways. I am a professional. I may have to invite Roo Bardookie for that.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: My place is on gay and lesbian issues in general. Sex is an issue, the major issue I suppose with all the Bible thumping and data that shows where our members should go. I am dealing with the real world, and what I can bring both sexually and erotically is a service to my community and to the general world.

Hug Honor: My place has just been fulfilled with the brokering of this interview, with the blessings we hope of What Turns You On. Thank you to Peabody Winston’s Country Store and Bait Shop, Dr. Wang’s Sludge-Bot Factory, and of course our dear friend Dr. Jack Veenum of the University of Arizona for his support through his Snake Den Writer’s Workshop. Back to you, Becky.

Becky Orville: What a fascinating interview and thanks to all of our participants on today’s show. That’s all the time we have, we hope you enjoyed What Turns You On and will “turn us on” again next week for an interview with this show’s producer, Misty Rampart. That should be scintillating!

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