How ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is contributing to shift in norms on sexuality

Robert Allen Beckvall (see What Turns You On) sent me this article with the following comments: How ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is contributing to shift in norms on sexuality

RAB: Let me add.  What they are talking about is not good about the kids.  That sucks.  Young women in this dawning age of women’s empowerment need to have an equal in their life:  sexual, mental and spiritual.  Blast the glass ceiling in all women’s issues around the world!

But, the loosening of adult restrictions, even in what they are talking about if masochism and that kinds of stuff is in the privacy of our own live, so be it..  Otherwise to each his/her own, and like Wicca says, if it hurt no one.

Like ISIS chopping off heads and lighting you on fire for a different opinion.  That does hurt someone, a lot of someone’s.

Misty: Well I think that people have always been kinky but now it’s cool. That’s really all it is.

But thinking about the kids, as you pointed out, I feel that parents want to trust their kids more than they used to back in the day, although of course they used to let you out to play all day and never cared where you went, but now perhaps today they expect you to grow up faster. Or maybe they can’t be bothered keeping things from you because that would take effort.

There is definitely less of a barrier to sexuality and the idea of “waiting ’till you’re older” seems to be all but gone. The conversation is not about what consenting adults do when they’re alone but about what is “normal” and what is “aberrant” behavior. Compared to what?

One of the real problems I noticed with the actual story (and wrote about it here) was that the characters in the books themselves are pretty flat – the “gorgeous but doesn’t know it naive virgin” and the “dangerously handsome, rich but a bit of a dark pervert who is used to getting his way” exist out of the real world and can perhaps give girls the wrong idea.

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