Newbie [poem by Neil Fulwood]

By G.dallorto, via Wikimedia Commons

Both of them smiling and giving it
the blarney, the banter, the bullshit,
knowing him for a lamb to the slaughter –

a newbie swiftly denuded. The altered
reality of a room defined by mirrors
imprisoning and liberating him

in endless perspectives of his pale skin.
A girlish flush reddens his throat
while his excitement rises

with every caress, every bruising
of the flesh. Restraint. Probing fingers.
Saliva. The tongue’s hard insistence.

Both of them taking permission
from the fluttering stomach, the hitching
breath, the thrown-back head
and that one repeated word: yes.

Neil Fulwood has work published in The Morning Star, Prole, The Black Light Engine Room and Ink Sweat & Tears; he lives in Nottingham, holds down a day job and subsidizes several bars.

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