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Hello there, how’s your summer going? Even though I haven’t posted or worked up a Pink Litter issue in a lil bit I have been busy working on the next installment of my provocative erotica series The Diaries of Wanda Casey. Mrs. John Heat was the first volume published in 2013, and as a special treat and incentive to you our loyal follower, I am delighted to share with you the first chapter of MJH which you can ready below. If you’re hot and bothered by it, please consider buying a soft cover or Kindle version on Amazon or an electronic version on Smashwords, links below. And stay tune for the release of volume II, Savage Loving. And of course feel free to give me a shout at Thanks! – M.R.

Four Play

April 22

I felt compelled to take the three of them and try to love them all equally, like some superhuman beast, better than an angel, lower than the lowest demon. How they all stood like eager fishes jumping out of the sea!

I did so many miracles that day – I should be canonized a saint, but somehow lower and at the same time higher. Like water into wine I made soft things hard. Resembling rough dogs, they fell on my face and breasts kissing, rubbing, pulling, tugging, smoothing, prodding…I don’t even remember seeing their faces – but I remember their taught waists, teeming cocks and powerful thighs. Their tongues I can’t forget…

A woman worth her salt never finds herself in a situation she can’t handle – not by accident anyway. Now I’m all about control and even in a situation where the drinks are flowing I always make sure to never get out of control – unless, of course, I want to…

So it may come as no surprise that after a long work week I went to the local bar with some coworkers. There were five of us, me, three guys and Janis Chambers, another woman who works for us as a paralegal. Let’s just say it had been a stressful week and I really wanted to blow off some steam. This is just what you do, I thought, simple, innocuous fun with your fellow employees. We all had the common bond of “fighting the good fight” but unlike most, I imagined, we had little to complain about, we’d just landed a huge account and we all worked for the most darling of a man, Mr. Edmund Blair, or as we affectionately called him, Eddie.

While at the time it seemed like a very insignificant and casual event, it would prove to be a fateful night, one that would send this girl in an unknown direction. In retrospect, there was a lot going on leading up to this. I started to feel, as a 35, still single, attractive woman that I was doing something wrong. Age 40 was on the not-so-distant horizon and I couldn’t bear it breathing down my neck. I was in my prime, yet nothing in my life every seemed to stick: relationships mainly, which is really everything. No matter how successful you are on the outside, if you have no real close friends or a tight family, it’s hard to call your life a success. Don’t get me wrong, mom and dad were wonderful, loving parents, but as an only child I guess I always felt a little isolated.

On one hand I tended to play by the rules, believed what people told me and did what I was supposed to do, and on the other hand it seemed like there was always something missing, meaning perhaps, or maybe it was intimacy. At this point in my life some excitement would sure as hell be a welcome change to what seemed like a dull and uneventful series of years, years which passed with ever-increasing speed. What had I done wrong? I wondered. Almost all the women that I had grown up with were married and had kids, and while I didn’t really believe that this was a conscious goal of mine, I did feel like it was something that was natural and would just happen on its own. The men that I had been with were more or less OK (if you didn’t believe much of what they said) yet “it” just never seemed to really gel between they and me. My last relationship lasted about four years and while there was talk of marriage, he never really asked and deep down I didn’t want him to.

I grew up in the California Desert and found myself newly away from home, having moved about six months ago to Phoenix – not too far but still out of place here in Arizona. I had taken a job as the Director for Investor Relations for a commercial real estate firm. Not a bad sounding title or job – basically I had to give presentations and look nice, which I could pull off. Not that I was running away from my previous environment, but at the same time I had needed a fresh start. I did everything in small steps so moving to the next state over was more my speed, as opposed to moving cross-country or even overseas.

I guess you could call me a misfit – assuming that I cared about fitting in, but here in this bar it became more apparent, outside of the office, how different and quirky we all really were. I guess work makes us all seem a little strange, the different types of people it throws together in the mix, all trying to work toward the same goal, all while looking out for number one. Take the three guys that were with us: Richard Hawkins: Senior Account Manager, a dry but not overly shy man of few words, Simon Austin: a young, cute IT guy, just starting out in the real world, and Shawn Barber, Loan Officer, a smooth talking black man that could get anything he wanted if he asked. Here were the five of us – an odd but not uncomfortable number.

In short order I felt myself getting a little buzzed and in a peculiar instant for some reason I thought that’s more than one for each of us assuming that Janis and I were some kind of female team – an outnumbered team. And where did I get that from? Perhaps it was because we sat on one side of the booth while the men crowded on the other side. But it was plain to see that Janis wasn’t thinking of us as a team, she was clearly interested in one man, Richard Hawkins. Her attention rarely diverted from him and whatever he was saying or doing. He was quite the gentleman and didn’t abuse his obvious power in the situation.

What was I saying about misfits? Well as the night wore on I felt much more relaxed. Even normally stoic Janis cracked a smile. I could tell she was seriously infatuated with Richard but that for some reason she wanted to deny herself by not making any overt advances toward him. She must have lacked some confidence and so I could feel she was all twisted up inside. Not that I could blame her for liking Richard, but the two of them together? I really wasn’t in any position to say who was or who wasn’t someone else’s type, but the two of them didn’t seem like a match. Listen to me of all people playing matchmaker I thought.

We all had a good time but Janis said at one point that she had to go home. I imagine she wanted to ask Richard home with her but was too afraid to ask and decided to run away rather than take a chance. Looking back I should have been a friend – or at least had the decency as a fellow human being – to encourage her, even help her. But it turned out that I wasn’t thinking of anyone but myself at the moment.

“You’re not going to leave me here all alone with these three animals?” I said jokingly.

“You can handle it,” she said, almost with a tint of some kind of judgment. Perhaps I was the prettier, more gregarious girl in this situation but it wasn’t a role I was used to. I thought I was a pretty down to earth person, certainly not conceited. Anyway, I didn’t know exactly how to take it. The way she said it was kind of barbed. What was that supposed to mean anyway, ‘I can handle it?’ Handle what? I laughed it off and figured who needed her sour puss around anyway?

It turns out I was really just waiting for her to leave. I wanted them all to myself – their attention, their mysterious gazes. I tried to read each of their minds but failed utterly, especially with Richard. Simon should have been the easiest, being the youngest, but even so he knew how to play it cool. With a head full of the sauce I wasn’t in my right mind anyway. I decided to taper off a little in a vain attempt to restore my sanity, which I felt slipping. I was getting drunk with three handsome men in a bar – men that were people I have to see almost every day, and worst of all my intentions, or at least my thoughts were definitely not of the pure variety.

After the place died down a bit I suggested, quite boldly, that we all go back to my place for some more drinks. In hindsight I have no idea where I got the notion but it seemed like a good idea at the time, or at least the next logical step. Logical? Perhaps I was giving myself way too much credit.

We stumbled out of the place and hailed a cab. I sat in the back between Richard and Shawn, whose warm bodies pressed up against mine, while Simon sat in the front. The air was cool and I fantasized about surrounding my naked body with a fur coat and cuddling up in bed. I didn’t own a fur…but it was a lovely thought.

We arrived at my apartment which was nothing special, a second floor walk-up at a nondescript, although gated apartment community. The term “luxury” when it referred to apartment homes such as these always made me cringe a little inside. I mean who are they kidding? I hadn’t really thought about buying a house here, or maybe I had, but decided that it’d be easier to not get too settled in case I had to leave in a hurry. I’m not sure why I felt this way but I suppose it was easier than putting down roots.

I invited them into the kitchen where we mixed drinks. Screwdrivers for everyone. We were all pretty high already but it felt good to get a little out of control, I was home and safe…or so I thought. The next thing I knew the guys seemed to be surrounding me, competing for my attention, but also somehow working as a team. Where this was going I knew not (or at least dared not contemplate), but I was tingling all over. One thing was clear, even in my haze: I was desired by some pretty hunky guys. It just occurred to me in a brief moment of clarity that I had invited three half-drunk guys over to my apartment. How did I not see this coming? It was your plan a little voice inside my head said. I couldn’t argue. And it got me off the hook. Where are your morals? I heard another voice that sounded like my mom or grandmother. Regardless of these pesky voices inside my head I knew in my soul that I hadn’t been in this position before and because I hadn’t been, and had no idea what to expect, it was silly to fear it – or fight it.

“Guys,” I blushed. I was giddy. “If I didn’t know better I’d say that you were all trying to get in my pants.”

They all wore – or feigned – looks of shame but somehow seemed relieved that I had brought the issue out in the open so matter-of-factly. They all looked like kids with their proverbial hands caught in the cookie jar. They could try to deny it but would only look more foolish. It was time for them to be brave – this was what I could tell they were working out between them without so much as a word. Their non-verbal communication – to attack for lack of a better word, made me wonder at the marvels of the evolution of the species.

“It’s OK, really,” I said. “I mean, I’ve never been in a situation like this before, but it doesn’t feel wrong and why would I invite you all over in the first place?” I felt like what I was: a silly died-blonde about-to-be bimbo protesting way too much. Or was it not enough? I guess I hoped that they would think I was smarter than what my behavior indicated I was.

They neared closer to me and Richard grabbed the drink out of my hand and placed it on the counter. I watched him do this and then I turned my head to my right side and my lips suddenly met Shawn’s. As he placed his hand around my waist I melted into him. It was utterly delicious having his tongue explore my mouth and even though we had plenty of booze on our breath’s it wasn’t a turn off. For a second he was the only guy in the room but then my brain flashed what about the other two? O yeah! I turned my head in the other direction and Richard leaned into me and gave me his manner of kissing: slow and deep, but his mouth was cooler than his predecessor. His right hand worked itself down my back to my butt, which he gave a playful squeeze. Simon then came at me from the front, placing a single hot long kiss on my tantalized lips.

I knew there was no going back. My body was so enticed and alive I thought I was going to come already. I hadn’t even looked at another guy this way in 6 months let alone kissed one and I had three studs that were clearly at my disposal.

I fell gracefully to my knees on the kitchen floor and they made a human triangle with me in the middle. With a smile I could not hide I tugged at belts and zippers and buttons until finally three stiff cocks greeted me. I was dizzy and almost nauseous because I couldn’t decide what to do next – or more accurately who to stick in my mouth first.

Luckily they made up my mind for me. Richard cracked open my mouth with a rambunctious gait – his girth threw off my entire perception. He straightened and locked his hips and pulled my hair back as I fucked his cock with my mouth, nearly stuffing him all inside me until my gag reflex told me otherwise. I pulled off of him and pursed my lips on his throbbing head and he groaned. A nice long spit line connected his cock to my bottom lip and I just let it fall like something both tragic and beautiful. I gazed up at him affectionately and grinned. If Janis could only see me now.

Meanwhile Simon was busying himself getting my blouse and bra off. I have 40 E’s, and I felt like I should’ve warned the guys but I think they knew that I was packing some serious tittage already. Their sigh-oppressed comments were more or less in the realm of “damn” and “holy fuck”.

I turned to my right and wrapped my mouth around Shawn’s black cock as best I could. I was really out of my element there. I reached out to find my other two guys and touched Simon’s nice, but not as huge dick, which I began stroking, then Richard again with my left hand. Where the fuck were these guys in college? I thought. I just closed my eyes and tried to breathe through my nose. Eventually I turned yet again and engulfed Simon’s cock, tonguing the head playfully and driving him insane. Like I said, there was no turning back; I can’t recall if my mind was racing or just shut down with all the activity, it was unlike anything I’d ever done. Was I safe? I decided I wasn’t unsafe. Who’s better care to be in? I thought.

I did my best to playfully toy with each man equally, even tenderly, making each feel the special pleasure it was to be inside my mouth. I had seen this action in porn movies before and while those guys seemed to be in a race to see who could stuff their cocks in the girl’s mouth first and most often, these men were gentlemanly and patient, as my slow, passionate head was at an almost experimental pace. The two that were not getting my favors stood patiently stroking themselves, waiting their next turn. Occasionally I would rub their cocks on my breasts, the lubrication from their anxious pricks and my voluminous spit created quite the heavenly slobber. Eventually my knees began to hurt like hell and I said “Aren’t you going to get a girl a pillow for her knees?” There was what seemed like a long silence and I said “I’m just kidding, follow me into the boudoir boys!”

I strutted down the hallway still wearing my red pencil skirt, black silk stockings and heels and they all followed me like puppy dogs. Kicking off my heels (my feet were KILLING me) and unzipping my skirt, I put on a show, sliding it carefully and slowly off my round white ass. I sat on the edge of the bed and started grabbing at random cocks with both hands.

The clods had trouble getting my panties off – they were tripping over each other to see which one could fuck me first. Apparently their patience had worn off. I decided to lie on my back while Simon slid my panties off. Richard and Shawn knelt beside me on the bed and tongued a breast each as I continued to stroke their dicks and caress their balls. I had learned the underside of a man’s testicles, in the area between them and their ass, is one of – if not the most sensitive and sensual spot on a man’s body. My talented ambidextrous hands drove Richard and Shawn crazy as they each took turns kissing me. Simon kissed the inside of my thighs and drove me wild before he started to tongue my clit and lick me until I finally screamed in orgasm.

I wanted more of this, so I got on all fours on the bed while Simon slid underneath me and while sitting on his face I took to mouth-fucking those two giants. My brain flashed in a kaleidoscope frenzy as I came again on the boy’s face.

“O sweet fucking God!” I said to Simon on a job well done. I looked down to see him just lying there grinning. I turned behind me and saw his prick standing at full attention. I dove at him with my face, sucking for dear life at his cock.

My ass pointed in the air, my other two lovers didn’t need an invitation. “Condoms are in the nightstand,” I managed to utter in between sucks on Simon, who had repositioned himself up against my pillows like some high and mighty king.

I could see Richard go around the side of the bed and grab a couple of rubbers and toss one to Shawn. Shawn ripped it open and had it on in a few seconds and his gentle but cold hand on my right ass cheek let me know he was going for it. Hot mouth but cold hands I remember thinking. I was so wet at this point that you could’ve flown a plane into me and that was a good thing as Shawn’s heavy meat spread me wide and with a single thrust he buried himself down to the balls. I gasped for air – Shawn’s cold but pleasant hands held onto my soft abundant flesh as he thrust deeply and repeatedly. It was like I was out of my own body watching myself get tagged by these three studs. Shawn purred behind me in a steady stream of sighs. He was obviously enjoying himself as much as I was. My brain began to fog almost completely. Frankly it was the only thing that kept me from completely going to pieces, but every so often I ‘came to’ and the result was crashing down on Shawn’s cock with more of my pussy’s private juices. I have to admit we were a perfect, electric combination and his hands, his fucking cold hands kneading into my skin made me so pliant I had a passing thought that if I could be anywhere, doing anything, with anyone, this would be it. Put me in an oil painting with Shawn “dogging” me and I’d gladly trade you my soul for a glimpse of it. I never want this to end I thought as I once again pulsed, clenched and came on him.

Meanwhile the other one – what was his name? O yeah, Richard. He stood patiently at the side of the bed, jerking his cock, waiting to get into the game, watching Shawn fuck the shit out of me like a god while I somehow managed to keep Simon interested with intermittent sucks and flicks of my tongue. But I could barely concentrate with my dark-skinned lover inside me. He was the promise of flesh that had finally come true – somehow he managed to restore some of my lost faith in beauty. Occasionally I would try to flick my head back to get a look at him, without losing focus on poor Simon who continued to smile at me though as I struggled to maintain my balance.

At some point I had to hit another gear and so I returned to my focus and put Simon’s balls in my mouth. Fuck me if I didn’t come again on Shawn’s muscle while doing so. In the hysteria I could sense his understudy was yearning to get him some so he switched with Shawn, who slowly pulled out and staggered confidently away like a hero. Again, to me, race doesn’t matter but I was surprised as hell what Richard packed compared to Shawn. Richard truthfully had greater girth though Shawn was a bit longer, but it was like comparing different cuts of diamonds – I neither knew the difference nor cared.

Simon got off the bed finally – I don’t know how he hadn’t already come in my mouth – maybe I was pretty drunk and lousy but if that was the case he didn’t let on. And besides I knew how to handle the dick. Once a girl gets it in the eye she learns. He slid his legs off and reached for a condom out of the drawer, my eyes following him around to my rear.

“You guys must really like the view back there,” I said. “Tell you what; momma’s going to lie down.”

Richard was at the ready and spread me out missionary-style. He slapped my clit with his cock to announce his entrance and quickly thrust it deep inside me. His warm hands, a contrast to Shawn’s, spread my thighs about as far apart as they could go and with a steady rhythm began to tear me apart, my bedcovers soaked in a huge wet spot from my many emanations. This guy was more of a brute – talented and undeniable, but just different from Shawn. Richard seemed, perhaps, too confident. Anyway at this point it didn’t matter. I was all but torn up.

In an almost ravenous blindness I found and fondled Shawn’s cock, which had reappeared at my right side, free of its latex sheath. I gave him more mouth while Richard dismounted and I continued yanking at Shawn, not letting go. Richard then removed his condom and knelt at my left side. It was time for the young boy Simon who, the poor bastard, found my between-thighs a hot wet mess waiting for him.

He guided his treasure into me while the other two devotees were strung out on my mouth. My over-abundant goo made him slip out and slide his cock over my pubic mound. A small tuft off not-so-blonde hair welcomed his snake with its sticky slobber. We both let out a simultaneous gasp. I stopped sucking at the two other dicks, giving each a good spit in their ‘eyes’ to let them know I’d be back and ordered the motherfucker in front of me to lie back down on the bed so he could put it back in.

Richard and Shawn waited patiently, stroking themselves into a fever, watching me mount Simon, who helplessly flushed as I took him all and dumped more come on his shaft, riding him until he finally groaned and filled me with his heaven stuff. I could feel the warmth of his hot load through the condom. The first to come I sighed inside my crazed brain. It was like an official result – I had gotten one of them off. I carefully pulled off of Simon, who wore a dazed grin. That’s it for him I thought, one down, two to go.

“Boys, come here,” I said, getting on my knees on the floor.

Squeezing my tits together and mouthing a kiss I beckoned them over and they followed. I stroked and sucked with all my might at my heavy boys. At last Shawn shuddered and filled my waiting mouth with his hot milk, which I enjoyed spitting for show, letting it drip out of my mouth and back onto his fat black cock. Seeing men ejaculate was always one of my favorite things – beside the biological necessity for it, all in the name of propagation of course, it was something to behold, a show, a glorious sign of affection, especially when it was “directed” for lack of a better term, at a woman – a woman who had made him reach the peak of ecstasy.

I turned to my last man standing and he was busy zealously stroking his cock until, with a thunderous moan, he blasted my neck and chest with his creamy confection. His load felt like a thousand pounds of syrup as it dripped between my tits, off and down on my belly and to my inner thighs. “O MY GOD!” I yelled, it was fucking everywhere.

Richard grabbed me by the hair and his eyes pierced mine – Wanda was all he said. I used an index finger and scooped some of him up and licked him off while returning his icy stare.

Soon the others regained their composure and each muttered a fond Wanda. It was music to my ears to hear my name uttered with such passion, affection and almost a reverence.

The shock and a little bit of dismay rushed over me. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. No one could – their loving gazes made me think that if there was a preacher there they each would have taken turns marrying me. I also got a little scared – it was almost too easy – not necessarily just to give in like that (not that I gave in either) but besides the serious pounding my body took, it didn’t hurt per se, not my pride nor anything associated with it. At worst it was only superficial damage. I was proud, almost, of my accomplishment. And it was chaotic yet so orderly. They each took turns getting and being gotten – I could barely get a moan in edgewise. Although they used me like a pink fuck pillow, there was no filling my cavernous desire and they knew I took their best and didn’t blink.

I could see the looks in their eyes – I wasn’t expected to survive. The brutes thought they could defeat me, break me, humiliate me…but I took everything they had and I still wanted more. Yet something in the room told us that we’d never be able to repeat this passion and even trying would somehow ruin it. We had shared something unbelievable, sensuous, and even holy. Something that none of us would ever forget.

I should get in the shower I thought, but I was too tired, so I just stumbled over and crashed on the bed, my men joining me in a blissful doze. Over the next couple of hours they each said their goodbyes until finally I was alone.



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