Dirty Dishes [poem by Aletheia Adams]


It had been so long since we last met
My silky, black panties were starting to get wet,
thinking of his perfect form
and the way he made me feel re-born.
Cosmic coitus that made me cum
so much more than I ever fathomed

I drew the curtain and peaked out at the moon;
it was luminous and full; I knew he’d come soon
I was ready for him with my body adorned
in fragrant oils and a dress that was torn
slightly below that special place
where his tongue liked to lick and taste

He pulled up in his white Chevy van
My heart heaved the door open and ran
straight to his arms in heated lust
He hiked up my dress and started to thrust,
as his mouth made its way to my bountiful bust

I leaned back as he sucked my nipple
and my pent up pleasure started to ripple
all through my body, down to my toes,
as I screamed and moaned in passionate O’s

Then we drove off, headed for the bar
I knew we wouldn’t make it far
before my hand slowly started to creep
into his pants and reach down deep
to pull his phallus out and rub
with soft kisses and strokes of love

I took off my bra, and he grabbed my tits,
fondling them as I rubbed my clit
My mouth took his hard member in
and sucked his shaft til I saw him grin,
ready to release his juice down my throat
I swallowed in ecstasy as I came on his coat

We pulled over to the side of the street,
trying to be a little discreet, but ten minutes
passed and we were both naked; he savored
my body as though it were sacred

We made love for more than an hour,
then decided to head home and hit the shower
He soaped up my tits, stuck his dick in between,
fucked them hard; it was quite the scene
Then he turned me around, and took me from behind
It was oh, so hot; I came three times!

Now he’s gone,
and I can’t help but think…
I should have washed those damn
dishes I left in the sink!

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