Concrete Wilderness [Poem] by Noel Negele

And her tiny feet on your stomach

Pushing you in taunting lust

And you pound on your chest like a gorilla

Snorting some cocaine

And drinking Vodka

Like an immortal lunatic

Like a scarred whale

A volcano erupting

And you put it all in

And your cock is the lighthouse

And her cunt is the darkness that

Has good things to offer

And the liquid of her pleasure

Running down your cock and onto your balls

And the street light outside through the shatters

Shines tangerine orange over an empty street

In the deadness of midnight as people are well asleep

And you pound away and pull on her hair

Like a captain on his wheel driving the

Ship out of storm

Inflating the chest

A proud degeneration

A sneaky window to the essence of life

You bite on her shoulder until she’s marked

She bites on your lips until you bleed

And exhale in sweet frustration

As death crawls disappointed

And the world’s apathy shrinks down to her moans

And the promises are never made therefore never broken

As love becomes such a small and unimportant little thing

As dawn comes

And all the demons have hidden away

Except from ours.

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