Victim [Poem] by Aletheia Adams


Twelve months have past since we first met;
my eyes were bright and blue.
I surfed the web one night in search
of someone just like you.

Hours went by; I laid my head
upon a dusty shelf
and dreamed that I saw pools of red
with pieces of myself.

Then I felt your cold,
hard stare piercing through my back,
and when I woke there
was a mark engraved upon my neck.

I never was so alive
in all my living years;
I didn’t feel any pain,
nor guilt, or primal fear.

I live each day in passion’s pause,
waiting for your touch,
amid the dark, dogmatic world
of those who seek too much.

When you come we’ll trace
the sky in feverish damnation
and cross the hallowed bridge
to the other side of salvation.

There we’ll meet the One who
gave us our eternal breath
and join in untamed lust
with all he deemed undead.

But you will take me first;
grab me by the hips,
and taste my throbbing pussy
with your blood stained lips.

Then we’ll take another
and make a thrusting tryst,
in and out, front and back,
no angle will be missed.

In massive, heated orgy
we will fuck and cum and cum,
achieving infinite orgasms,
sacred to us unholy ones.

In all the dreams I’ve dreamed,
I never felt how ‘free’ could be,
until I became the victim
of your venomous biting spree.

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