Squirt [Poem] by John Tustin


I lick your clit
Take it in my mouth
Suck it like an unwrapped candy

Fondle your tits
Rub your nipples
So gently, biting into your thigh
My thumb wet and vibrating
As you throb

I lick you
My face a wet sheen
You push me in by my hair
And I am drunk on your scent

I eat it
Eat it

My mouth snarling
And smiling
As you squirt
On my busy

John Tustin is only sexually unsatisfied because she is so far away. His poetry is forthcoming in Poetry Pacific, Oyez Review, Bare Back Magazine, Newtown Literary Review and others. fritzware.com/johntustinpoetry is a link to his poetry online.

Published by mistyrampart

Freelancer, poet, dreamer

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