Fuck Shuffle [Poem] by Paul Tristram

“Look, when someone tells Me that they fancy Me
I get horny, it’s as simple as that.
I’ve fucked some right old ugly fuckers in My Time
just because it came out in conversation
that they’d previously wanked over Me once or twice.
I fucked My parents’ neighbour who was a cowardly
twat whom every man in the village looked down upon,
his own wife dumped him for his best friend
and the best friend was a loser of the highest order.
We had to move in the end, no one would understand
the simple transaction of it all, I’m Special
and when you treat Me as such, I reward you xx.
I’m Absolutely Fucking Stunning, just look at Me!
So the ‘good looking obvious ones’ are a doddle,
just stick Me in a room with any man, movie star,
rock star, I don’t care who they are, they’ll be after
My Pussy and dripping pre-cum in mere seconds.
But it’s the ugly, stuttering fools with no confidence
which really get Me going, add shyness and virginity
into the mix and I’m a Really Happy Girl.
My god, some of them actually cry when they dribble
their precious load inside Me, it’s pathetically adorable.
I like to watch their stupid faces, I savour every twitch
and expression, relishing in My Beauty and Power.
So you see it’s not really cheating or being unfaithful
or whatever you want to call it, My Feelings aren’t in it.
It’s more of a sport, a kind of hunting experiment,
you know sometimes it’s just so damn hot and liberating
grinding a King’s Dinner into a Pauper’s fucking face!”

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