Heaven [Flash Fiction] by Len Kuntz


It was happenstance, my finding them there, having sex on the kitchen table where earlier, before catching the school bus, I’d had Lucky Charms for breakfast.  Grandpa’s pants were slung down around his ankles, Gran’s knees dangling off the lip of the table, Grandpa in the middle of her legs, hunched over, red-faced and chuffing like a lawnmower.  I would have turned away faster but Gran kept squealing, “Heaven!  Heaven!  Take me to heaven!”

That must have been fifty years ago.  Now I hear my husband snoring beside me, same as every night since we’ve been married.  I reach over to touch him, think better of it, then touch myself instead, picturing clouds and freedom.


Len Kuntz is an editor at the online magazine Literary Orphans.  He’s been writing full-time for the last five years and has been really fortunate to have had a fair amount of work published in places like Boston Literary Magazine, PANK, Elimaeand others.

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