Between Questions and Thunder [Flash Fiction] by Peter Baltensperger


The night sky was thick with forbidding clouds, no stars, no moon, no answers. Sheena was lying on her bed facing the window, ready for the full moon. She had all her questions ready, her hand between her spread legs, her trusted lubricant and her vibrator beside her, even though she knew she wouldn’t get to see the moon that night. In her disappointment, she wanted to reach up into the sky and tear the clouds apart with her angry fingers, just for a glimpse, just for a quick question. Yet she knew very well that what was always was, no matter how desperately she wanted everything to be something else than it was.

She was about ready to give up and go to sleep, when a man walked into her life, fortuitously, and buried his head between her splayed thighs. She could feel him licking her slick labia, spread them apart with his fingers, delve with his tongue, snake-like, into her juicy secrets. He lapped at her aromatic emanations like a thirsty traveler at a sudden oasis, his eager tongue all over her insides. She gasped when he reached her clit, felt as if she were in the middle of a thunderstorm, flashes of bright lightning zigzagging through her body, reaching into her mind.

And then the thunder as the man moved on top of her, slid his erection into her expectant receptacle, and took her trembling breasts into his hands. She felt herself being filled, thunder claps vibrating her whole being, her body a bundle of agitated nerves. She cried out at the delicious penetration, met his deep thrusts with her own, then pulled up her knees and wrapped her trembling legs around his waist. In defiance, she tied a random question to a flaming arrow and flung it at the invisible moon.

Somewhere else, a woman was lying naked in the cool grass under a cloudless sky, waiting impatiently for the moon. She was ready with everything she had, but by then, Sheena was already in the all-consuming throes of her delicious orgasm, screaming at the cloud-covered sky. Her body quivered under the weight of the man, her mind went blank with the onslaught of the orgasmic ecstasy, and her whole being shuddered through the delirious aftershocks of her sensuous accomplishment. She flung her arms to her sides, rolled her spinning head wildly from side to side, shivered deliciously against the redemption on top of her.

The man stayed inside of her until she began to relax, then slowly withdrew and went back to his walk. On the way out, he reached up into the sky and dispersed the clouds, just in time for the full moon to shine in through her window and bathe her body in its golden sheen. She laughed at the woman in the grass, then listened to the answers pouring down from her own clear sky.

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