A Sonnet to the Goddess Nixi [Poem] by Fred LaManna


Roaming around the mountains plainly in view she is much in agony over lust

How else could anything make much more sense in the beehives painting makeup

Made so it is just the correct amount of dash and jean power over all that is blank

Pushing the demons just so little far away as to hinder hiding the bump a must

Patterning the contrivance from her gentle parents and overpowering a white cup

It takes a minutiae of the smallest amount of just the soaking it is much too dank


Sashaying the whole day long with torn figments of one’s meager imagination

Thinking it can conduct a thoroughfare of random lassos churning taking much time

Only pushing wheeling feeling the matronly causes of a birthing tatters are here to stay

But alike and looking to task the frontal response can only be naturally an elation

Boasting to some huge amount of catastrophic laughter emptying much of a rhyme

Dispelling a dancing regaling favorite overlapping a vigorous random gleeful day

Fred LaManna is a native of Chicago.These Goddess Sonnets are dedicated to Women who are both goddesses and supernatural beings. He is currently re-writing a modern version of the Shakespeare Love Sonnets. Two other Goddess Sonnets have been previously published elsewhere.

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