Cranium Crotch [poem] by Aletheia Adams


Oh I love the way you rub it, and you rub it so well…
keep on going, keep on going, you make my cranium swell!
I want you to enter it, and read all my thoughts
Come on in, assimilate the theories you have bought
I’ll capsize you with Mountain Dew, so you can jack it up
Slide all your lies and ‘truths’ inside my basal ganglia

Ah, just like that, you know so much, my pons are opening now
to send your sweet convictions to my thalamus, holy cow!
You must withdraw, you ‘have no doubt’ finer than a foul fella
Don’t forget on your way back out to close my amygdala

Nasty no good notions get me going every time
They’re the perfect fit, I must admit, intellectually sublime.

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