Excerpt from my new novel “Savage Loving”



I watched him get undressed and climb into bed – his nakedness made me drool – now that I had him alone, all to myself, what would it be like? I still felt somewhat guilty about it, as if I didn’t have the right to have this for myself, and that through some wickedness of mine I had these ill-gotten gains. The worst thought was would he love being with me when it was just the two of us?

I made my way into the bathroom to get ready. I was fully prepared – black lingerie – my diamond heart pendant (no doubt by now a symbol of my depravity) – and the ridiculous heels of course. Only women were expected to wear shoes to bed. How odd I thought but that’s just what you do.

If only other people knew how deeply I had been bitten – this one for instance – he’d run for the hills. By running away I had managed to cool down a little bit, but then I ran into Caryn and my infatuation for her and unresolved issues from my recent past, well, here were the flames being fanned once again.

When I strode out of the bathroom and our eyes locked I gave him that devouring look like I was going to eat him alive. Even he appeared a little surprised. He opened the sheets for me and I slid in – under the covers was already a near inferno but it felt wonderful to be beside him, smell him, have him touch me. We kissed once again – deliciously, teasingly, but, at least for me, somewhat longingly, even sorrowfully. Was this going to last? was all I could think of.

It was written on my face. “Try to be here now with me, and only me,” he said.

I pushed back the covers and straddled him. His cock was already fully hard and I enjoyed grinding on it. I was getting really moist.

“Put this on,” I said, tossing a condom packet on his chest.

Dismounting, I surrounded the head of his fat dick with my pouty lips as he fuddled with the condom wrapper. His focus was elsewhere.

“Let me see that,” I said, taking the condom and applying it over his girth.

“I’ve been longing to be here with you,” I said, “Ever since we spoke about this day I’ve been on fire thinking about it.” I remounted and bore down on his shaft as he groaned.

I bucked him like a bull as I buried him inside me, his cool hands firmly grasping my waist.

I massaged his chest muscles while I continued my fury. I felt a rush of passion rise up inside me and finally I came, crashing down on him with my pent up juices. Only a man like this can make it feel this good I thought.

I had to admit I was flushed and a bit over-fucked already. He effortlessly swung me around to my back without even pulling out and spread my thighs wide as he drilled me. The minutes seemed like hours and he made me shudder repeatedly.

“O God – FUCK!!!” I screamed as he made me come again.

With a roar he pulled out and, quickly removing the condom, and began to fill my belly with his creamy heat.

“Urggghhh! Fuck!” he murmured as he continued squirting all over me. Shot lines of it had dripped in between my breasts and gobs of it were spattered all over my pubic mound.

“Are you done coming?” I smiled at him, as I playfully yanked at his cock, massaging its bulbous head with my hand.

“You’re amazing,” he sighed.


Get the book here

Catch up on the series by reading Part 1 “Mrs. John Heat” available here and on Kindle and Smashwords

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