The Snakes Of Desire [poem] by Paul Tristram


“Milk, reminds me of my cum.”
she giggled, licking her fingers.
“Thanks for inviting me back.
I knew that it would be you,
as soon as I looked into your eyes.
I could tell that you were
a Dirty Bastard.
I just had to come out tonight,
I’ve been having the same dream
for a whole week.
I’m walking down a burgundy
tunnel, the walls are velvet
and trickling with moisture
which has an aroma of
musky perfume.
I don’t say anything out loud
but inside my head
I keep repeating
‘I’m looking for the Snakes of Desire.’
Then I wake up sweating.
It’s very strange and very horny.
Anyway, come back on top of me
and let me clean your face
with my mouth.”

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