Write A Poem About Us She Said [poem] by Noel Negele


It’s not love
it’s something more simple,
less demanding.

She has a small room
in a bad neighborhood
with a small kitchen and a pleasant bathroom
and the washers are in the basement
and the air conditioning
is included in the rent
so we keep it on
all night and all day long.

She only has one chair to sit on
so she drags it next to the bed
and sits on it
and I lie in bed
and I keep the ashtray on my stomach
and we talk and talk and talk
and we laugh and laugh and laugh
and we remain silent
as much as we talk and laugh.
(The TV is broken so there’s not much else to do.)

We drank all 14 beers she had bought with her own money
(she works, I don’t)
washing down 6 Xanax pills
and smoking Camels
until 6 or 7 in the morning
at which point she lied beside me
and we had a wonderful time
fucking for a while,
and then we fell asleep,
as the shutters were down
and no daylight
intruded the fine darkness of the room.

Nothing can harm us
as long as
we are kind to each other.

I woke up at 4 in the noon
and she had already been up since 12
and gone down to grab coffee for us
and she was listening to her music on the balcony
naked, sitting on the only chair-
her beautiful legs over the railing
and on the nightstand
my not so cold coffee anymore awaited.

I got up from bed
heavy from the alcohol
and the anti-depressants
and went to take a piss
and when I returned
I lied on the bed again
and she lied beside me
calling me lazy
and she kissed me
and I rubbed her clit
and she said: “No, not like that. Like this.”
and holding my hand lightly
she guided my fingers over that wonderful pussy of hers,
and taught me how to make her cum with my fingers
which took some time,
and when she did
I put my cock inside that wonderfully wet cunt
and I fucked her for some time
and at the end
my dick got soft and tired
and she put it in her mouth
and gave me the best blowjob,
the kindest one,
and she swallowed my cum
and she said: “Let’s take a bath together.”

Her bathtub was small and we had to stand
and we began washing each other standing
“It’s going to take a hell of a lot of shampoo to wash all this hair,”
I said.
“You have to collect it,”
she said
and I washed her head
as she washed my cock
which was still a little hard
and we kissed
and I washed her back
watching the lather
slowly travel from her neck to her beautiful ass
and she washed my chest
and I washed her thighs
and she washed my face and my ears
and I washed her cunt
and she washed my hair
and I wrapped a towel around my waist
and she wrapped a towel around her breasts
and we washed our teeth
with her toothbrush.

She said her toilet leaked when she flushed it
so I said I’d fix it
and I opened the cistern
and I plugged the hole
from which a plastic button was detached
with her tampon
and as she cooked spaghetti with squid
I yelled at her from the bathroom
the problem and how I had fixed it
and she yelled back happily that I am a genius
and I felt proud
and returned and smoked and drank one of the three
beers she had bought that morning
and I said those pills really were something
and said too bad she didn’t have any more
and she brought the plate and put it on the chair
and dragged the chair in front of the bed
and then lied next to me.

“Aren’t you going to eat?” I asked.
“I’m not hungry,” she said,
and I ate while she watched smiling and smoking and drinking.
“Is it good?” she asked.
“It’s very good.” I said.

It was very good,
everything was very good
and the world itself was on hold
and waiting to close in
and death trembled each time we laughed
and I felt three centuries younger
and we both knew
we would lose the magnificence
when we’d separate
but we were too brave to whine about it
and at 8 in the afternoon
I got dressed and opened the door
and turned and kissed her
and her eyes were knowing
and understanding
and clever and clear
and she said: “Goodbye.”
and I said: “Goodbye.”
and I left
I left
I left
all the brightness
that life had for me
that day.

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