A Sonnet to the Goddess Egeria [poem] by Fred LaManna


Resounding thru the heights of all the prophecies one comes to name a mountain
Even if there was a green capsule filling the streams with water tears and blood
Who could ever realize that naming the child would count much for the white panic
Cornering the obstacles she sees coming at her with black passion amid silver tin
Drinking along with normal capacity there was only a yellow way out of dark mud
This comes with the seascape only who can foretell the golden grey female relic

Caustic there was no other way out of the chiming sounds which focus on red
Mostly to restrain the animals from their jumping to camouflage many a bracelet
She wore like a passing gift to tell others what could be made from a dancing flow
Only the crumby sides of the crimson souring cake can encrust the feasible dread
It here challenges the conflicting golden glitter is soft as tea can find an outlet
Choking on the magenta haze of a common smoking umbrella as part of the show

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