Up and Down [Poem] by John Tustin


Stare into my eyes
Stare into my eyes
You on top
Up and down
Up and down

I whisper I love you
And tell you to fuck me
And after you come
I will force your head down
To suck your juice off my cock

Up and down
Up and down
I grope your tits
I hold your shoulders
And make you bounce

I memorize the noises you make
And press you into my body
You slut you wife
You everything I desire

I hold you close
I force your body into me
We are trembling meat
Your mouth is hot
You come and come

And my life is complete
As you shudder in the dim light
And I feel your sweat slick
Against my own skin

I love you I love you
My angel my whore
My cock is still hard
Can you come again?

Up and down
Up and down
Let me see your eyes
Loving my eyes
As we go again

As we lust again
As we love again
As if we have never loved before

Published by mistyrampart

Freelancer, poet, dreamer

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