A Sonnet to the Goddess Anna Perenna [Poem] By Fred LaManna



Sitting while riding the cosmopolitan sawdust of the heavenly body of fillings
She would saunter the way on a bicycle having to push along the crevice of thought
Making a collection it could either be the loving of an axis or a bond with mayhem
Surely it is composed of a collection of matters far too beneath the scenes chillings
Further along the caves are the circles where we have meant to being so caught
It can be and go either way for the darlings to mutter a song with poetics from them

Mushy is the hardy casing that entails a ride to the uppermost eagerness of a site
Trapped and mostly wrapped around the musings are her silent fizzled noted thrills
Who can actually hear them stammer away at the glanced at stomach almost a bunch
Chivalrous she gathers the stones and places them back at the height it is a blight
Who would truly trust the focus of the hampering ridden as to fail and has these spills
Immaculate cleansing unfiltered poised leveling above the moments awaiting a crunch

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