Like You [Poem] by John Tustin


I like you.
I love you but how I like you
You soap up my cock
And I put my fingers in you
You put my cock in your ass
You close your eyes as my fingers shampoo
The magnificence of your hair.

I love you but how I like
Your legs stretched out on my bed
As I stroke them,
Remembering the nights
I pretended I was stroking legs
That looked so good.

I love you but how I like
Your teeth tearing into the same bread
As we eat and eat.
Your hand in mine
On the way to the car,
How ugly I am,
How pretty you are,
How you kiss me
How you love me,
How you think me beautiful,
How wonderful that is,
How wonderful,
Hand in my hand
As we walk
To the car.

I love you
When your hand is on my cock
(Did I mention that already)
And you accept my fantasy
And you take my slap
And you take my snarl
And you know I love you
And I want only you,
Fuck me, Angel.
Tell me your fantasy
I’ll make it mine, too.

I love you when the night is shining
With lust and alcohol
And all I have to offer you
Are pleading eyes and good intent.
Hold me hard,
Love me soft.
I kiss your toes,
I put trembling hands through wond’rous hair.
I kiss a magnificent nose,
My chin falling on a lovely chin.
Such soft and wonderful tawny skin.
Oh, God. Maybe there is God.
There is you,
Maybe there is God.

Your eyes are dusk.
Your mouth is morning.
Your mouth is moaning
Your lips shining like a star.
Your body is the morning,
Your mind the evening,
Your heart the very sun.
I touch you, angel.
I am touched.
I wake up,
Arising to you,
Your perfect face,
Your terrific smile.
I sleep,
Your ass to mine,
Your snoring a testimony to
Your living.
Your living a testimony
To my reason
To live.
To make you want.
To make you love,
To make you come,
To make you question,
To make you ponder,
To make you wonder.
I make you wonder.
I am wonderful.
And I love you.
You are wonderful.

You, no one
But you,

I like you.
I love you
I like you.
The music we hear,
The way we play,
Our social media flirtation together
And my yearning for you
Every moment we are apart.
A yearning to make my life and your life
Our life.
It makes me cry I want it
So much.
I’m sad and I’m thrilled
I like it.

I like you.

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Freelancer, poet, dreamer

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