Lush Lips [Poem] by Darrin Phillip Henderson


Those lush lips
so full and plump,
they slide and glide
as she swallows it up.
Begging, longing
for that meat,
she licks and sucks it
to get her treat.

Deeper, deeper
she takes it in.
Slides and glides
to the end.
Lips are stretched
from passion’s girth.
A rush of lust
drips from her skirt.

She feels the moment
before the gush,
the bull begins to swell and flush.
A moan,
a groan,
as she begins to quiver.
that long white bull is about to deliver.

Her breathing lighter,
muscles tighten,
body engulfs with a passionate heat.
Her heart is racing faster now,
pounding, thumping, with every beat.

And then a thrust,
a liquid rush,
her throat can feel the heat.
Her head pulled hard
to its base,
deeper, even farther now
with pleasure on her lovers face.

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