A shared pleasure … [Poem] by D.A. Pratt


She was luxuriously lubricated
so I knew I could push it into her
easily … all the way … all so easily …
in it went … ever so smoothly
and soooo sensuously … gently
until she was ready for something
not so gentle … everything was
meant for her pleasure … but I
have to admit that I loved seeing it
go so very very very far into her …
“all the way” in this case was a long long long way
if I may be so bold to say …
and I also loved watching
it come back out knowing
it was going to plunge
back into her immediately … all
part of thrust and withdraw
and then thrust again … she
loved having it inside her –
this I knew since she was
moving melodiously
with every profound penetration:
one of the perfect pleasures
of being luxuriously lubricated …

And I loved licking it when
I pulled it out for the last time –
after her carnal climax … I turned
off its batteries and let her
watch me suck on it … slurping
away at whatever was on it –
just another part of the fun
involving ass-to-mouth
that we shared … sometimes
she wanted two turns
in a row … I naturally agreed
because I really really loved
her luxuriously lubricated …

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