Pulling Your Hair Like Reins [Poem by John Tustin]



You turn on your stomach
And I put it in your ass
And you make a soft exhaling sound
Every time I put it in.

Slow and deep
As our flesh comes together,
My balls slapping your cheeks,
Pulling your hair like reins.

Pulling your hair like reins,
Squeezing your nipples and
Cupping your tits
As I pound and pulse.
Whispering in your ear
As you moan –
My slut, my whore,
I own you,
You great love of my life,
You sick beautiful dirty fucktoy.

I get harder when I tell you what you are.

You’re my fucktoy
And I use you properly,
My words cause your cunt
To overflow.

Turn to the side
Hurry up and do it
I want my cock inside you quick.
Rubbing your cunt as I fuck your ass again,
Biting the back of your neck
Like the remorseless vampire I truly am.

What do you want?
Tell me. Tell me.
You want my cum? Where?
Tell me, bitch.
Tell me, angel.
Tell me again what you need and
I’ll put it
Down your open willing throat

And then we can glow in the sweatsoaked sheets
Of afterward,
Your hand swirling the damp hair on my chest,
My bear arms around you
As I tell you I love you
And you make me content
Again and again
And again

Just like
I always do.

Published by mistyrampart

Freelancer, poet, dreamer

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