Come Out Swinging (Gimp Mask Vogue-ing The Night Away!) [Poem] Paul Tristram


The neighbourhood around these parts
is just shocking… nice!
There’s simply no keeping yourself to yourself.
Only a fool has a table bowl
full of fruit instead of car keys.
I know most couples inside and out
for three streets in each direction.
I’m thinking of branching out
from double glazing into sex therapy
and a bit of marriage guidance counseling.
I can see why George (four doors down)
is with Eileen… MmMMmm,
that’s the best lasagna I’ve ever tasted
and you can’t fake cock sucking enthusiasm like that.
And when Doreen and Mavis
finally got Doris the Widow to spurt
I nearly choked upon my ball gag
and went temporarily deaf to Tracy’s ‘Safe Word’.
Anyway, it’s that nice young couples
2nd viewing of No. 13 this afternoon,
we’re all going around with cookies,
flowers and smiling, fawning, dribbling welcomes.

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