Are condoms erotic?

My erotica series The Diaries of Wanda Casey of which there are two installments, feature sexual situations in which the participants almost always use condoms. This adds a layer of realism and “safety” which for some people may be more erotic than the “dangerous” and more “fantasy-like” elements of unprotected sex. Then again, maybe not. Maybe the reader is not expecting any sort of conscience.

A review from a purchaser on Smashwords raised an interesting question or two. What are you expecting out of an erotic story? Would you rather have the story more realistic (i.e. it could actually happen) or more “reckless”? Do you think it differs based on what gender you are? Or is it just a personal choice? Do you want the same from your erotica as you do from your real world sex life?

Here is the review (they gave the book 3/5 stars):

I always expect to like a book I buy – otherwise why buy it? So I looked forward to reading this story and its companion, ‘Savage Loving’. Sadly I lost interest at the first mention of the word ‘condom’.

Condoms are not erotic. They prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDs, neither of which has a place in erotica and represent ‘real life’ which erotica usually isn’t. They contain the imagination every bit as effectively as they insulate cocks and a story that includes them is like eating candy with the wrapper on.

I really wish Misty Rampart well and hope her books sell. But the headings ‘Men’s Erotica’ and ‘Menage/Multiple Partners’ when used on Smashwords as opposed to dear old doesn’t include condoms.

It does not say anything about the quality of the writing, which is kind of sad, but perhaps that’s what got me 3/5 stars. Hey, I’ll take it!

We’d love to hear your opinions!


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  1. I recently read the first volume of Wanda’s adventures and, frankly, I’m surprised to see this comment on condoms … however, each reader will react as an individual (and each reader brings to the experience a set of preconceptions that may or may not conform to what the writer wants to present) …

    Starting with volume one, your readers meet Wanda Casey at a particular moment in time (without any backstory — this is usually how we meet people!) and what I liked about volume one was that the story went from that first meeting on to various things that could follow relatively realistically … since that first scene involves guys Wanda knows (this is not giving anything away) the use of condoms seems quite natural …

    On the other hand, I’m not sure when we can invoke the concept of “realism” in a discussion of works like this one … Wanda seems able to really enjoy herself (I’ll put it this way) and I’m left wondering how she came to exist in this nirvana of sexual response … this does not seem realistic to me (but this comment demonstrates what preconceptions I bring to this particular reading adventure) …

    Back to the topic: condoms will be a turn-off in certain visual scenes (surely) … for example, watching someone suck on a covered cock will not represent much of a fantasy … reading about someone applying a condom to an erection before that person sucks on it will likely seem odd to many a reader … I strongly suspect that the readers of a lot of erotica (to use this term) are not “into” this sort of realism …

    However … you (the creator of Wanda) have to remain comfortable with what you are creating … Wanda wants guys to wear condoms … that’s important to know about Wanda … it’s also okay for her to fantasize about situations without them … that’s why they’re fantasies …

    I’ll stop … cheers! DaP

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