Flash preview of new book


He kissed me and gently laid me down on the coffee table. Removing his shirt I slid my hand across his chest, through his gray hair, then dug my nails in deeply. He winced slightly before kneeling between my legs, spreading them, and with a delicate but manly finger, split my labia and inserted it into my messy pussy mouth. Then he took the same finger and shoved it into my other mouth and I sucked on it eagerly. I taste good I thought.

This man had come so far, just to show up totally unannounced, unexpectedly, just when I was at my loneliest and most vulnerable. I was stunned, abashed, and everything else you could imagine. It was like a bad fire and a good rain. One thing I learned was that I just never knew what the fuck was really going on. I did know I could never refuse him, no matter what. And I expected he knew that all too well.

He began to lick me in his very talented way, until a gush came from my insides like an incredible flood. I was numb but tingly all over at the same time. His hands rubbed and smoothed my belly. Suddenly I felt something cool and hard against my skin. Whatever it was it was in my belly button now. I opened my eyes to see it – the last thing I thought I would ever see – a diamond ring about the size of my thumbnail…

The next installment of Misty Rampart’s erotic novel series, Hellish Paradise: The Diaries of Wanda Casey Volume III, will be out in late 2016. 

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