Girls [Story] by Oleg Razumovsky


And what great girls they were! For example, Natasha. I met her on the street one evening, when the city was deserted and gloomy. There hung around some strange types, criminal thugs and nasty philistines, so we hurried home. I was drunk as shit and had just fucked one cook, named Nina, who fed me from time to time. I came to her in the canteen. Seeing me, she smiled, and wiped her sweaty forehead with the sleeve of her dirty-white gown. No clothes underneath. Only big boobs, decent belly, huge ass and girlish cool pubis. I held her somewhere among hot plates, black trays, white tanks with boiling water, large pots and pens and boxes of smelly potatoes. My reward was usually cabbage soup and porridge or mashed potatoes with a chop. Very often, Nina’s special present for dinner was a bottle of cheap wine.

That evening, when I met Natasha, we went with Nina to a tavern. A fairly steep staircase led upstairs, where, close to closing time, cool fights would occur every evening, like in the westerns.

We drank Vermouth.

After the bar I took the girl to a nearby construction site. I was fucking her for an hour or so, I guess, and she was laughed like an idiot the whole time. Finally she stopped laughing though, dropped a cigarette and started yelling like a fucking psycho. After that she became quite limp, planted on my iron cock. I came at last, and immediately left the fucking sheep. Frankly speaking, she annoyed me. I would have preferred not to see the slut again, but I knew that the next day I would go to her canteen all the same. The fact was I had neither job, nor money and wanted to eat all the time.

Then I walked through the gloomy downtown, past the park, where a bronze deer stands, which soviet soldiers brought from Germany and gave to children. There, in the evening, gather all sorts of outcasts. They drink, smoke pot, exchange news. Here is our buffer zone in the city which is occupied by all sorts of freaks. Sometimes cops raid the place and take us all to the police station, where they bully us and keep us until morning. Those who study or work have trouble. I for one don’t give a fuck coz I dont have a job and live in a shed. But this is a by the way.

On that memorable night, I was in a great mood and in high spirits. I recalled with pleasure how I lifted that fat-assed heavy Ninka and held her on my cock for about an hour. My erection was just classy. I thought that I would have a great lunch and a bottle of wine next time I visited the girl in her canteen. To be sure. One hundred percent.

But that’s when I met Natasha, who changed my whole life for a period of time. She was walking towards me and was sad. In fact, as it turned out, she had a conflict with her boyfriend, an actor at the local theater. I put my hand on her shoulder, looked intently into her eyes and said, “come with me, okay?”

Natasha dutifully nodded at me and tried to smile. I hugged her (well, a real cat on the loose), and we went through the park, where it smelled of rotten leaves and bird droppings. It started to rain.

“Let’s go to the arbor near the musical college,” offered Natasha .

We moved there. It turned out that she studied at that college and played the flute. I knew already that all the girls at the school were very sexy bitches. Natasha, too, had a great figure and legs, her tits were very neat. Not like this fool Ninka with her big boobs. Natasha was wearing tight jeans and a colorful sweater. We smoked and chatted for some time. She told me that her actor was going to fuck her, but was so excited that he came ahead of time in his pants. We both laughed a lot.

So, we made friends with Natasha, and I began to meet her very often. I quit Nina, despite her soup and booze. What could I do? I just could not see her for a special reason: I guess I fell in love with Natasha.

She used to come to my shed early in the morning, skipping classes at her college, and immediately fell down on my haul of old rags and straw. Then we smoked, ate her sandwiches, drank beer or cheap wine she brought. Some time around nine in the evening we went to the bronze deer to hang out with friends in the free zone. There was surely someone there who treated us with wine or pot. Sitting, chatting, relaxing. Getting high. Later in the night me and Natasha would go to the music college, where two benches were pushed together especially for fucking. Here I led the girl up to almost ecstasy. She cursed like crazy under the huge stars and yelled really loud.

Eventually though I got tired of Natasha too. Frankly speaking, I can’t be with the same girl for a long time, even if she’s got something to lure me, such as cabbage soup, meatballs or booze. Nina decently kept me on the hook, but in the end, I began to hate her. Better to die of hunger than to see her pimpled face, huge ass and heavy boobs. She, by the way, soon after we parted company, married a felon and lived happily ever after with him.

The coolest of them all was certainly Zhanka. I met her in the autumn, when it was completely finished with Natasha. I saw her for the last time in the lousy tavern where I sat very drunk at a dirty table, flooded with wine and littered with cigarette butts and the remnants of food. It was almost closing time and guys were fighting on the staircase. Natasha came in all so smart, energetic, while I was bloody gloomy. She said that she was not happy with her actor. He has great difficulty getting a hard on, and she strongly suspects that he is gay. (By the way, as it turned out, he was). She was very upset about it but hoped to meet somebody pretty soon. She was optimistic about it.

And now strictly about Zhanka. I met her at a birthday party for my buddy Phil. He is now a surgeon with a big belly and golden hands. But back then he was an alcoholic and one night, while absolutely drunk, pissed in my shed. Since then, I tried to avoid it. But that is not the point. Zhanka was not very beautiful, but sexy as hell. And her voice was unforgettable. Talking to her on the phone, I usually came five times or more.

She learned to fuck in a Baltic State. Went there specifically for one sailor who was just crazy about fucking. If he had not a woman at hand, he usually screwed a rubber doll. In short, he was a complete maniac. Well, she had learned from him a lot and taught me how to fuck properly. I’m very thankful to her for that. She especially loved “helicopter.” That kind of fucking hardly anyone knows. One must have the ability, or even talent to do it. But despite all this, I would have quit the girl in a couple of weeks, if she had not taught me to shoot morphine. She had a lot of that stuff too, so it was practically free. Super. It was like nothing before. We did it to the right music of course. It is very important, mind you. We got high with her almost every night in my shed. At last we did not even want to fuck. Only oral sex sometimes.

Zhanka was on the needle for half a year while she had the stuff and it didn’t do her any good. The young girl looked like an old woman. She became very thin and pale in the face. When the stash of morphine was finished, she began to shoot every shit she could get cheaply and soon died of an overdose.

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