For Her Pleasure Part 3 [Story] by Misty Rampart


In the morning, I woke up to find myself alone. At first I was a bit startled, not exactly sure if yesterday was a dream or not. It wasn’t exactly a fairytale type day or certainly a dream-come-true kind of day either, but it was nice to be “loved” in such a manner as Dan had loved me. While we were not exactly the ideal match for one another, it was what it was. I got laid by a hot guy. Nothing more. Plus, meeting Katy was an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

I began to feel though that this situation was just flattery and self-deception, and it couldn’t last. I felt rather deeply for poor Katy. There was a secret or secrets between them that I was just dying to find out. Luckily, she was, as usual, sitting on the kitchen counter eating a bowl of cereal when I walked downstairs with all of the layers of yesterday still stuck on me.

“You should take a shower…” she said. “It’ll help you feel better.”

“Thanks, I think I will,” I said, running my hands through my messy hair.

“I’ll fix you up with some stuff…and something to wear home,” she said. You don’t want to wear the same thing out of here. You can just drop it by later…we’re having a party.”

“Really?” I asked. The way she said it was like she wasn’t all that thrilled.

“Dan said to tell you about it,” she said.

“Oh, cool,” I said. “What kind of a party? Like a formal thing?”

“Oh god no…the opposite of that,” she said. “Basically he invites all his buddies over and they fuck me, either all at once or one at a time.”

“Oh my god!” I said. “You like that kind of thing?”

“It’s OK,” she said, again using the same tone as when she said the word party. “My job is to bring home some other girls from work, get them some dick too, spice things up for his friends. It’s basically a giant orgy.”

I was interested, but I could tell poor Katy was just doing it to please him.

“You two…you and Dan…you never?” I asked.

“No,” she said sadly. “It’s like there’s this invisible wall between us. He’s seen me take on three or four of his buddies…and girls too…but he never joins in. He’s usually with his…older woman. Sometimes right next to us, sometimes in another room. It’s weird.”

“And that older woman would be me,” I said.

“Yeah,” she said.

“Well,” I said, “I’m working 2 to 6 today, so I’ll come by after,”

“Great,” Katy said. “Let’s go get you fixed up.”

We walked upstairs to the bathroom and she grabbed me some towels out of the closet. She started to cry. I held her.

“Sweetheart,” I said consolingly, “what is it between you two, I don’t get it.”

“Well, he picked me up when I was at my lowest, gave me a place to stay, took care of me,” she said. “But I’m afraid that’s all it it’ll ever be, like a sister and brother kind of deal.”

“I’m sorry,” I said. “Have you ever told him how you feel?”

“No,” she sobbed, “that’s what makes it so hard, I can’t. I just keep hoping he’ll get it, see how I try to do everything to make him happy and that he’d fall for me. I couldn’t take it if he rejected me. Then I’d have nowhere to go. Things wouldn’t be the same after that.”

“Yet he has no problem with his friends ganging up on you?” I asked.

“He just doesn’t get it,” she answered. “He thinks it’s all just fun and games. It is kind of fun don’t get me wrong. But it’s a poor trade-off for being with a guy you are really into.”

“Maybe you’re hoping he’ll rescue you again?” I asked.

A look of a lot of mental baggage was written all over her face. “Oh god, maybe…”

“You’re going to be fine. You’ll see,” I said.

My heart was heavy for her, it really was. Yet I was more than a little intrigued about the party that night and the thought of a little good clean sexual fun brought a smile to my face. Besides my new friend Katy, the only concern I had was how to exchange places with her, get the two of them together, and well, see what Dan’s friends thought of little old me. I could be pretty convincing when I wanted to be.

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