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Girl Lust

Eyes rolled back
Kissed neck
Hands feel girlish flesh, plump
Through silk dress
No bra, no pants
Mouth drooling, dribble
Lips lick wet
Mad girl lust
Lips lit red
Hand feels soft secret flesh treasure
Up silk dress, bare
Quim slick, dribble
Fingered lips wet
Mad girl lust
Blush lit red

I have always enjoyed drawing, painting and making collages, but I never went to university. I was a bad boy and left school with no qualifications, my journey through life didn’t take me that way. In my late twenties, I straightened myself out and began to draw again in my thirties.

My sexuality has always been a bit depraved. I get off on shame, humiliation, spanking, whipping and forced undressing. I have always been attracted to the strange and dark things in life. I am dominant, but I like to play the roguish clown, more like a fiendish harlequin tormentor (I don’t dress like a clown!). I like sex to be epic, dreamlike and dramatic in real life as well as fantasy and I suppose all this inevitably finds its way into my art work.

I have always been fascinated by ancient depictions of Gods, humanoid with animal heads and Halos. I know it’s not particularly original, but I think they make interesting tormentors. In this series of drawings, I have tried to create a dark wonderland where young women are captured, stripped and tormented by these magical beings. A Hellish and dreamlike depiction of subjugation, power and vulnerability. The victims are left white, while the tormentors are heavily shaded, to look like spectres, shadowy visions appearing from the darkness around them.

My influences include Max Ernst, Felicien Rops, Dorothea Tanning and Victorian photography.

I have exhibited in London and I would like to do more exhibitions. I work in the building industry doing refurbishments (got to eat and pay for shit!), but I would love to jack it all in and just create. I’m planning to build an art studio in my back garden, so I can have a space to paint, as it is difficult to do that in a family home. I have a nine-year-old son who is autistic, so he keeps me busy when I’m not at work.

I also write erotic poetry and dirty stories, which have been published on various web sites. The dirty stories aren’t particularly artistic, but they’re good for a wank! I have a few fans.

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