Cadillac [Poem] by Francis David


You never know the difference until you drive one
but if you have you know what I’m talking about.
She can be rough around the edges, a real type A
asshole, push you around, undervalue your whole
mannishness, but if her pussy is that kind that drives
like a dream you know she’s a keeper. Just admire the
old-world craftsmanship and the styling of her cunt as
it grips you, always tight enough but not too tight, and
definitely not too loose. Sloppy pussy is a crime. Truly it is.
A real no-thank you. That sort of thing can be prevented
with proper care and maintenance, so baby that thing
if you have to is all I’m saying. Park it in the shade,
pay attention to detail. That amazingly good, really
fucking good pussy, the kind you put a gold star on your
calendar for, is even just nice to look at as you part its labia
with your cock. She can contract her vaginal walls and it’s
like shaking hands. Even if you just have an average-sized
dick she likes it, knows how to enjoy it and really
loves it when you thrust your dick into her, deep
inside her warm well-oiled machine. You both kind
of share a chuckle and a knowing smile, because it’s
that fucking good. You know it. She definitely knows it.

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