She was crawling …[Poem] by D.A. Pratt


around the floor
awesomely naked
absolutely naked
except for the “Fuck Me!” boots
she was willing to wantonly wear
while she was going bare-naked
from guy to guy looking very much like
she was looking for something:
“My virginity … my virginity …
where’s my virginity? What
have I done with my virginity?”

She was being perfectly playful … and
we were going to be playful too … already
each one of us had taken off everything
that wants to come off at times like this …
we were ready for what would be coming next:
she’d finished stripping with a flirtatious flourish –
tossing both her bra and her panties across the room
and immediately dropping down
to her hands and knees … now
completely naked except for
the “Fuck Me!” boots she had stopped
to put on when she was down
to her bra and panties … she
would not be on her feet again
until she was done with us
and we were done with her …

Now we’re watching her
crawl around the room
to intimately inspect what each of us had promised for her …
“Maybe you know where it is,”
she teases as she plays
with what we had for her …
“Maybe … maybe not!”
she goes from guy to guy …
crawling on the floor wearing
just those “Fuck Me!” boots
and nothing else … she’ll
end up visiting each of us
over and over again …

As I watched her go
around the room I was
getting great glances
of her absolutely awesome anus
and I became convinced
that what she’s so sensuously seeking
is up her ass …

One comment

  1. My compliments to Misty … I like the photo … note the bare leg in the background (this accents things nicely) … and the boots are definitely “Fuck Me!” boots … DaP

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