Everywhichway [Poem] by Misty Rampart


for Jenny

You’ve got the gift of the jab,
never at a loss for words,
too young to be wrong,
too old to be right.

If you’re anything like me,
sweet sister, then you know
that all that dick is just
a punishment
for all the wrongs
we long to repeat.

Mistakes we knew
would be mistakes
and those we didn’t know
we wanted to make
until they
found themselves
in our steady grasp,
turning our lives
into a pursuit of penitence
one kiss at a time.

One thought on “Everywhichway [Poem] by Misty Rampart

  1. Wow! There are several ways of reading this one … my head spins at the variations … the men are mistakes but the jabs are also mistakes (one reading) … the lyric “my next mistake” comes to mind … guys could perhaps say the same about whoever they encounter (girls and guys) … are we all someone’s mistake waiting to happen to that someone? … maybe we’re all temptations for someone (or we want to be seen a such at some point) … is Jenny someone who is not ever at a loss for commentary? Then “for Jenny” is not a dedication (which was my first reading) … a jab back? … okay, enough from me … I apologize if I’ve missed something … nifty photo btw … and I liked the poem … cheers!

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