Needful Things

Hi all, here is the cover for my upcoming book:

delicatetornadoHere’s a snippet:

She spread my legs apart and kissed the inner part of each of my thighs before she plunged her face into my steamy pussy, forcing aside my soaked panties, licking and biting my clit until I came on her talented tongue. I had never had a woman please me so and in the manner she did it – the timing of it all – it was so needful, it was as if it was an oasis in a desert of longing, waiting for that touch, feeling the brushes and blows of others and beating past them just to get to that sought after spot and finally finding it, the right intensity, the right destination. I was home. For the first time in what seemed like forever I was comfortable right where I was, and how could I have known that this was where I would find it…or feel it?

Of course, more of YOUR great works coming up soon.


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