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Hey guys, it’s been awhile, but we’re coming back at you soon with some more great stuff…you know, the kind that only Pink Litter does! Meanwhile, here’s a poem for you to whet your whistle. Or wet. Or what have you. Happy New Year ~ M.

Could by Misty Rampart

The same old drudgery wake up put your shoes on that’s what the therapist said go look for a job hell no you think but those 4 inch heels could get you any number of jobs yes it’s true ok what’s next find the panties they are what the fuss was all about last night getting them off drag them up your thighs everything snaps into place like it should fuck find the dress where is it shake away the oh fuck you weren’t wearing a dress this skirt is too tight where’s your top no fucking clue zipper about to bust oh here’s the bra wait there’s a man here still here that almost never happens he has your tits kisses your neck why did you bother trying to get dressed reaches around fuck owns your clit as you kiss yeah yeah hell yeah his ferocious rubbing makes you weak that’s what he wants you could do could never do without this kiss this tough touch could never cancel this arrangement kneading begging wishing his morning stiffness could anything be more amazing could anything be greet a girl more firmly and proudly as if it’s so difficult to understand ladies just suck his cock duh give all you have and all you don’t know you have to take him under your bliss spell forget the misspelling of his ex’s name on his abs wrong because it’s not your name you own him now and he owes you everything and you want it need it got to have it.


  1. I loved the stream-of-consciousness presentation of prose … for some reason I especially loved this: “they are what the fuss was all about last night getting them off” … as I said: nifty!

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