Glamour Shots 

Thanks for publishing my poem!



More, more, morethe chorus crowd cheered,

No, they weren’t going home until

Her massive tits were loved

And her pussy was loved

And her sighs spread out over Chesapeake Bay

From D.C. to Annapolis to the Eastern Shore.

A girl, my girl, me. We all like candy

So suck on it.

Tell her pretty pink lies

To her pretty blue eyes.

Tell her what she wants to hear

Which is sometimes true

Like a letter from mom

Or a boy sayingI love you.

Explore her, be her conqueror, her savior –

Make her feel that the glamour shots

Were not a waste

That the 90’s were not a waste of time

Making love on a pretend leather couch

Their balls gliding across the slick cool skin

Of it, where someone once placed their hand

And saidthere, have a seat.

Love her. Love her to death


Make her…

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