VELVET RIBBONS [Sonnet] by Kristin Garth


My velvet ribbons, raven hair, invite
your touches, freckled dare. Two hard rosettes,
black lace can’t hide. A hot pink heat, replete,
that won’t subside. In clothes a captive, set
me free. Unbuttoned, trace a map of Braille
to me: goosebumps to nipples, shivers, sweat.
A trail to tease me, wait so wet. With navel pale,
your fingertips collide. I whimper, fret
and beg, no pride. Direct your fingers low,
to crimson bow; then cotton pushed aside
to show the sleek surprise, furrow, below.
An opened box you burrow deep inside.
A kiss of velvet hugs you through the night.
A gift in ribbons wrapped around you tight.

Published by mistyrampart

Freelancer, poet, dreamer

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